i just want to rember

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A poem about wanting to dwell in the past but memories are horribly corrupted

Submitted: December 23, 2010

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Submitted: December 23, 2010



Sitting in the darkness
sad music in my ears.
It's hear when I'm alone
that i have to face my fears.

Loving memories in my head
of a time so long ago,
a time when i was really happy
in a place i used to know.

The memories play before my eyes,
a scene that looks so fair.
Once when i was little
and didn't have a care.

The pure joy in my little eyes
as i played among the mud.
But then the scene it changes,
my hands then socked in blood.

Quickly look away!
Another happy memories what i crave to see,
and there it is before my eyes.
Presents beneath a Christmas tree.

Smiling faces all around,
so much love and joy.
The look upon my sisters face
as she quickly unwraps a bran new toy.

But then the lights begin to flicker,
skeleton hands reach through the floor.
Smiles they turn to terrified screams
as demons charge through every door.

I crash on to my bed.
All i want is to remember .
But the memories decay in my head.

My past have been stolen from me
and replaced with morbid vision.
Between reality and nightmare
there has been a collision.

All i want is to remember ,
to dwell with in the past.
Because the present is to terrifying
and the futcher will not last.

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