Madness of this slab of meat

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A poem that is not really about any thing .It is just the imagination of a mad person and their mind.

Submitted: April 15, 2012

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Submitted: April 15, 2012




I am just a slab of meat .Rip apart devour.
Sickening ,mutation growing by the hour.
Stab at me ,Cut me ,Eat my heart
with probing hands pull me apart.
With scalpels cut out the madness with in. 
Slice up this absurdity and pick out the sin. 
Spit out the bones that wedge in your throat.
Whisper the messages in my blood you have wrote.
Hold up my head ,the prise you have won.
Show it to all ,the things you have done.
Renounce me to rote in the mud ,its were I belong.
Singing in death my own putrid song.
As maggots infest me and I cease to exist.
 All manner of malady begins to untwist.
I'm making no sense these words are not right .
A lie an illusion a perception of sight .
Call it a madness a disease of the head 
but just imagine seeing these things I have said.
Would you be much different my friend?

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