possession through media

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a dramatic connection between possession and the way some people may look at the world

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012




When its night in the darkness I cry .
For hours and hours in the silence I lie.
Lost and confused.confused in my head,
my sadness escapes in droplets of red.
To say I see death is a little to much. 
The whispers of screams and a cold icy touch, 
the pounding of a pules and the reflection of eyes.
Possessing a sole and filling with lies.
Controlling the body ,sole and the mind.
Leaving no trace of the person behind .
Completely devouring every memory they had,
they creep through the veins and thrive of the sad.
Leaving evil so thick like black oil in the blood,
transfiguring the heart to the color of mud.
Replacing the whites of the eyes to a cold back stair 
which leaves you to wonder is there any one there ?
Deep within a madness so evil and relentless can life really live?
When such a creature bound by its nature hurts you ,do you have the power to forgive?
when corruption,injustice,infection and conflict is the only world that you know.
Triumph and success seams to come slow.
Possession of the mind ,body and sole is not only for ghosts.
Suggestive media and one way governments also feed off the host .
Life today is about gaining obsession,having possession, 
we are spar parts so they bend us to function.

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