The flower in the Desert that grew into a tree

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A poem that is not really about a flower but more about how hard it is to survive when your alone,but if you try hard enough things will change in the end.

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012




A wilting plant in the Desert,the only sweetness in the sand. 
It's not a place for flowers,this seedling wasn't planed.
Abandoned In the Desert and forced to grow alone,
this fragile little sapling had to make it on its own .
With no trees to provide shelter its leaves were scorched under the sun. 
All odds were against it and its life had just begun.
With little goodness in the earth it struggled to survive, 
this plant it was a fighter and it fort to stay alive. 
It dreamed of having company and dreamed of growing tall.
So it could search for family but its branches were to small.
To see over the Desert ,far beyond down to the sea. 
This lonely little spirit wondered "Is there any one else but me ?" 
The seedling in the Desert stood strong on its weak roots.
It fort so long and hard ,to give up it did refuse. 
In the end it all paid off,over time he did grow tall.
Now love and friendship is close at hand and he is  loved by all.
He has grown high up to the heavens and reached up through sky. 
The birds have come from miles away and around him they do fly. 
A helpless little sapling who never did belong ,with all the odds stacked against him, 
has showed ever one was wrong. 
He is now landmark in the Desert that every one can see,
that lonely little sapling has grown into such a mighty tree.

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