The Life and Times of Far From Normal

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My pen name and it's background
At the bottom of my story, my name shall always be signed

Submitted: May 26, 2009

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Submitted: May 26, 2009




By: The Life and Times of Far From Normal


The life and times of far from normal

Is the name signed at the base

Of this story of insecurities

Of this quite peculiar case


I see myself reflected back

As I write in pools of glass

I write my story and sign my name

Then turn and don’t look back


Express my self with sharpie pen

And mind unravels like DNA

After the implosion of a dying star

Is it me or myself that still remain?


Here I lay my holy scriptures

That I myself have composed

Of the God that no one will accept

The truth only I know

My words of wisdom, and insanity

Of those moments only I spent alone

When I’m gone, those private thoughts

Where will all of them go?


So here I write, with lipstick

On the mirror in the bathroom of a hotel

The last words going through my mind

Before I’m dragged to Hell


It’s not my fault I liked to sign

My name in places strange

The life and times of far from normal

Just likes to play her games


Despite the place and time and fear

I write and sign my name

Whether it be lipstick or sharpie or cans of paint

The mark remains the same


As they erase my words with Clorox bleach

Off the bathroom stall

I am still left standing here

With nothing left at all


But regardless of the disposal method

Here I write my memoir complete

On the brick wall with a can of spray paint

Next to words of liars and deceit


And as the final hour draws near

I sign my name on the stall

My words lay bright, still dripping wet,

Still fresh upon the wall


Whether it be sharpie or lipstick

Or a discarded can of paint

As the words I wrote glint with the setting sun

The hour is much too late


So let it be known, without pencil or paper

I lay at your feet my final say

Here the life and times of far from normal

Signed her name today

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