My Dangerous Friend

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Mia's first encounter with the person who will leave the most impact on her life.

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017



Aod is sometimes a low life thief and sometimes a guitar teacher.

He is a low spirited, abusive, not so interested in life kind of guy.

Most of the time selfish.


Lives in a vacant apartment whose owner is also shopkeeper without paying any rent.

In place of rent his owner calls him when he needs help with some repairs or when there is some delivery to be made or when there is a scene in his  shop as local gang members try to steal or create a havoc in his store.


For all the things that makes him despicable, hopeless and a loser there is some things that set him apart from your regular ones. The first thing that starts this difference is his high spirit and a little knowledge of Martial arts and fighting techniques, courtesy of his mom and father but he doesn't likes to practice it that much but still he has some skills.

Once he stopped a lady from being murdered but ended up nearly killing the attempting murderer in a fit of rage. With several broken ribs and punctured wounds and organs. H delivered the pathetic bleeding mugger to the nearest doctor.


See he's not that bad, well sometimes. What made him nearly kill that mugger is still a mystery. It may be the reason that his father's murderer is still roaming free or just his out of control anger. Almost everyone who has come across Aod in their life have seen his anger, well except for his mom. She is the only person left in his life whom he loves selflessly and can do anything for. He still doesn't know why his father was killed and doesn't care now after all thus years he has lost all hopes of finding the truth and wants to stay away from it. 


Nurse Mia:


She was one of the first person who came across him in his first few weeks in the borough and that was quite an interesting meeting. She remembers it clearly.



It was a hard day for her, lot of work at the hospital as more and more soldiers were admitted because of the war and she was one of the nurses. This was the first day she saw him, carrying a body of a middle aged man in hospital corridors. She rushed towards him, the body had taken several hits, serious cerebral damage, several broken ribs poking outwards from his skin, broken leg and a knife stabbed in his lower kidney. He dropped the body on the stretcher and that’s when she saw his face, cutup lips, swollen eye, blood soaked shirt, bleeding forehead and several cuts in all parts  of his body. She knew at once what had happened but she didn't ask him anything except


Mia: why did you bring him after all that?

Aod: because he is a fucking asshole.


She knew she had to stall him for authorities to come by and he knew at once what she was doing, so he left as soon as he could.


She also left soon after as her shift had ended, she started heading towards home. All the way she was thinking about, what  had happened today.


Her house was in the same area so it doesn't took her much time from house to work. Also her home wasn't that much to look at as she is a nurse and was saving a portion of her income every month so that she can move out of this pathetic town.


She reached her home unlocked the door and headed for the shower. She was tired after all the hard work today. As soon as the cold water hit her forehead she felt calm and relaxed then suddenly something sharp was poking in her neck, a knife was held in front of her neck by a bleeding hand. She turned and screamed but he shut her mouth. She took a better look, it was the same person she saw today at the hospital. She looked at his eyes they were sore red staring as though looking through her. He had tried to patch himself with bandages and pins with no success.


Aod: I need your help.

Mia: getaway.

Aod: I'll kill you if you don't.

Mia: like hell you will


Then suddenly she felt an astonishing amount of pain in her right thigh. He had just cut her with the knife that was a moment ago pointing at her neck. She knew the threat was real.


She dressed his wounds as quickly as she can and stitched his cuts and gave him some meds for later .


Aod: thank u. You can dress up now and stitch your own wound.


She was scared as hell but somehow patched her wound and started finding a robe to wear. He was staring at her all the time while sitting on her bed, which was now dark red thanks to all the blood he had dripped. She was trying very hard to not look at him as he still had his knife pointing at her as though finding a perfect spot to stab her.


Aod: You will not tell anyone about me.

Mia: who r u?

Aod: No one.

Mia: so I just stitched no one. I'll have to call the authority’s.

Aod: do it and I'll kill you.

Mia: why r u still here then?

Aod: because i don't want to kill you but i also don't want u to talk.

Mia: what kind of person does that?

Aod: none of your business.

Mia: I haven't seen you in this neighborhood before.

Aod: again none of your business. I'm just here to make sure you don't report me.

Mia: how did you find me?

Aod: i pickpocket your ID at the hospital. How is he?

Mia: Dead.  He died minutes after you brought him. Blood loss, no wonder after the beating you gave him.

Aod: he deserved it, not dying perhaps, besides he attacked me first.

Mia: still that’s on you. You killed him.

Aod: I .... I had no choice.

Mia: beating a man near to death just because he tried to mug u and calling it no choice...

Aod: whatever. It's done.

Mia: you're sick...

Aod: look I'm not here to get your sympathy or prove my innocence. I'm just here to patch myself up and shut you up, either the easy way or ... you know the rest.

Mia: fine you made your point. I'll not tell anyone.

Aod: good. But just to make sure I'll be dropping by time to time to remind you. Got it?

Mia: Now get the fucking hell out of my house and take that bed sheet with you.



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