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Tom struggles with his mental disability.

Submitted: March 01, 2015

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Submitted: March 01, 2015




By the ocean on a warm summer day, Thomas Lou was alone. Alone was both a blessing and a curse for Tom as he walked along the sidewalk. No one knew where he was going, he had not notified anyone he was leaving, he just left. As he finally got to the large building he was seeking, he walked in and told the receptionist that he had a meeting with Doctor Penrose. As he waited, Tom was trying to figure out what he was going to tell the doctor, there was just so much. Finally, Dr. Penrose walked out and said,


“Mr. Lou correct? Come on in so we can begin”

“Thank you” said Tom, hoping the doctor would not recognize the name.

“Tom Lou? As in Thomas Lou? As in the Thomas Lou?” asked the doctor excitedly.


At that point, Tom knew how he was going to have to start his story. See Tom was here for a reason. That is why not one of his friends knew he was here, why he had not called his family in months and why he cringed every time he heard his own name. Because he was “the” Thomas Lou. The Thomas Lou who in the past two years had become the most famous man in the United States. See, Tom hadn’t just become the most notorious writer in the world with his series “The Bull in the Fire” making the most money a book series had ever made,  but Tom also had a curse. His curse, was his rare mental disability. Tom had the first confirmed case of “Identity Crisis Due to Over Memorization” or ICDOM. This meant that Tom suffered from depression because of the fact that he could memorize any fact, date, or occurrence in his life, he simply remembered everything.


“Now what could you possibly need my help for? I didn’t know you lived around here” said the doctor.

“I am losing it, the fame, the fortune, it has made my symptoms worse.” said Tom.

“Symptoms? and I don’t understand, you have everything anyone could ask for.” said the doctor, who had never encountered a celebrity in his short career in psychology.


Tom went on to explain the whole situation to the doctor, that before he became famous he was just a normal person. At age 14, he was diagnosed with ICDOM, and his memories of his past haunted him. Finally, one night when the pain was unbearable, he began to write about his memories and soon came up with the book “The Bull in the Fire”. As the book became popular, so did Tom. Tom became a major figure in pop culture, everyone wanted to be him. He had all the money he could ask for, all the fame in the world, but his memories still haunted him. The past few months he had slipped into depression, not speaking to his family and only talking to people when he would go out to party at night. Finally, he decided to come and see Dr. Penrose, who he read about online. And now he was here, staring out the window, broken, telling the doctor his story.


“I’m sorry Tom, none of my training has prepared me to handle a situation like this” said the doctor in despair.

“So you can't help me?” said Tom.

“The best I can do is arrange an appointment with my friend Dr. Williams, he may be able to help.” said Dr. Penrose.

“Alright, thanks doctor” said Tom.

“Tom I understand what you’re going through, you are having an identity crisis,” explained the doctor. “You are struggling to find the real you through all the memories, the fame, and the materialism that has surrounded your life.”

“I just wish I could forget everything and start over” said Tom with a blank stare.

“It will all be better before you know it” persisted the doctor.


As Tom left, he was very unsatisfied. He had not gotten what he wanted from this journey and began to lose hope. All the doctor could tell him was that “It will all be better before you know it”, the same thing he has been told since the day he was diagnosed at age 14. The doctor had explained the disease. However, he had not cured it. Sorrowfully, Tom went to cross the street.


“Knowing what I know now, I wish I had never come here” said Tom.


Just then without a moment’s notice a bus hit Tom square on, sending him flying. As his eyes opened, Tom was surrounded by many people, laying in what he assumed was a hospital bed.


“Is my boy okay?” asked the woman closest to him.

“What happened?” asked Tom, “and more importantly, who am I?”

© Copyright 2017 Dre Owens. All rights reserved.

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