Chance and Terry

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Terry is idealistic and naive, but will that become a problem when Chance sweeps him off his feet and the two finally get together for a night? These two lovers will have to learn the difference between love and lust.

Submitted: September 20, 2013

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Submitted: September 20, 2013



Chance and Terry

The only sounds Terry heard was that of two pairs of feet walking up the creaky staircase. His apartment building was practically lifeless, which was expected at three o’clock in the morning. He was positive that they were the only one awoke in the rundown building, making it the perfect moment for him to do whatever without being spied on by his nosy neighbors. Slowly and nervously, the two climbed and climbed until they had finally reached apartment 5C. Terry mashed the key in, turned it, and proceeded into his neat, cozy one room apartment, with his guest following close behind him.

“Wow, I gotta admit, I didn’t expect this,” Terry’s guest, Chance confessed as he plopped down on Terry’s sofa and placed his feet comfortably on the coffee table in front of it. Terry only rolled his eyes and placed his shoes neatly in a corner.

“What was you expecting? A rat hole?” Terry giggled.

As Terry went into the kitchen to get two drinks, Chance took the opportunity to investigate the small living room, noting many framed pictures and heavily booked shelf with mostly African American literature. He then saw a picture of Terry with his arms wrapped around a guy that looked to be their age. Terry had just re-entered the room when he asked, “And who is this cat? The boyfriend?”

“Uh, it’s my brother,” Terry replied, again rolling eyes. “And if he was my boyfriend, would it really matter?”

“Guess not, because I’m here and he’s not,” Chance took the drink from Terry, staring as if he was undressing him with his eyes.

“Well, I don’t usually do this with complete stranger,” Terry said as the two of them sat down on the couch staring thirstily at one another.

“Stranger? Stranger? Ter, you know I been watching you at the club for a minute. The way you come in there all stuck up, actin’ like you to good to holla at a brutha,” Chance responded. Terry looked down and in the humblest voice replied, “Maybe I was just scared.”

For a brief moment the two stared at one another with expressions of pure desire. And then—it was uncontrollable, Chance rushed and forced his lips to meet Terry’s. Soon after Terry could feel Chance’s tongue wiggling erratically in his mouth. It was the kiss that he had dreamed of for months, and now Terry’s dream had come true. Chance  placed his right hand on the side of Terry’s face, and his left hand was squeezing on Terry’s waist. Chance pushed him forward and began to kiss randomly. On his neck, his shoulders, his cheek—but none of those kisses compared to the slow, dramatic kiss he placed on Terry’s lips, this time biting and pulling. Spontaneously, Terry popped open his button up shirt, and slung it across the room. Chance pulled of his t-shirt and in second the two of them were in their underwear, nearly naked. With his hand rubbing down on Terry’s torso, Chance hovered his mouth over Terry’s dick, pulled it out, and began to slurp on it. Terry could only grab the back of Chance’s head as he went into a deep ecstasy.

After a while, Terry found himself on top of Chance with his mouth on Chance’s thick, veiny cock. Up and down, Terry continued as Chance’s tongue licked all over his ass. Then, he felt Chance begin to nibble and slurp; spit and finger until his ass was wide open. Chance pulled himself up, threw Terry over the arm of the sofa, and penetrated. Terry moaned with pleasure as Chance went deeper and deeper. Chance’s  stokes started to go faster, and could feel those strong hands grab on to hard dick. Every single stroke was unique, yet each of them made Terry quiver. Terry turned turned around and planted a long, zealous kiss on his lover’s lips. At that moment as he looked in Chance’s eyes his heart skipped a beat and he knew he was in love, even if it were just for that instance. Chance gave out a loud yelp and soon as he pulled his juicy meat out of Terry’s tight ass, cum skeeted Terry’s back. Terry turned over, and with Chance’s hands tickling his balls, he dumped his load all over chance’s tatted up torso.

Tired and calm, the two could only lie naked on the couch, Terry’s head on Chance’s chest. Both of them were speechless until they heard the chirping of birds.

“Baby, I think I need head out. Mind if I take a shower?” Chance asked breaking the long silence.

“Baby? Don’t tell me you hooked already,” Terry rubbed his index finger up and down Chance’s chest.

“Can’t lie—I don’t wanna leave. I want you,” Chance kissed Terry’s forehead, causing Terry to shyly smile.

“You can have me anytime you want, baby,”

“Terry, you really don’ remember me, huh?” Chance lifted himself up  and awaited Terry’s answer.

“Chance, I see you every Fri—“ Terry began to reply, but was interrupted.

“We went to high school together. You was in the choir, and I was—“

“On the basketball team? Chance Evans? Oh my gosh, my sister had a huge crush on you in high school,”

“All the girls had a crush on me in high school,” Chance said cockily.

“Too bad they didn’t have more meat between the legs, hah—hold up, you did used to go out with this one girl, though,” Terry began to snap his fingers until the name finally entered his head, “Danicia Burkes!”

“Yup, that’s her,” Chance said looking embarrassed.

“It’s alright, the past is the past. Shoot, I heard she was with some big shot football player—“

Chance expression of embarrassment quickly became a distant and fearful stare.

“Oh, my bad, so stupid for me to be bringing up that old stuff,” Terry quickly apologized.

“No, actually—Danicia got married right after high school…to…me,” Chance sighed.

Terry’s mouth dropped before he asked, “You’re divorced?”

Chance shook his head as he calmly watched for Terry’s reaction.

Terry paused. His mind began to play out the last few hours as he came to realize that his first lover since he came out was a married man. Terry jumped up and grabbed as many of his own clothing items as possible.

“GET THE FUCK OUT!” Terry exclaimed as he struggled to get his clothes on. Chance was able to get his underwear and his t-shirt on, but before he could put on anything else, Terry picked up the rest of his clothes and slung them out into the hallways.

“GO BACK TO YOUR WIFE!” he shouted.

Spectators all down the hall peeped their heads out of their apartments. Some shook their heads and mumbled negatively as others laughed and made jokes. A young boy, however, recognized chance, and rushed over to talk to his favorite athlete, only to be stopped by one of the other neighbors.

“Terry, stop! We’re separated,” Chance tried to explain, but Terry only dropped to his knees and started to cry. In the doorway, Chance, picked his clothes up, and went back into the apartment. He closed the door, and attempted to console Terry.

“Please, Terry, I really like you. Danicia was only for my image, alright. Thing is, I don’t feel for her the way I feel for you,” Chance said, noticing Terry was nervously shaking.

“All you want from me is sex,” Terry rebutted.

“Well then, why am I still here? Why did I tell you the truth? Now, you can fight it and say last night was nothing, but I can see it in your eyes that you feel it too,” Chance pulled Terry onto his feet, and as smooth as he could he placed his lips on Terry’s mouth. “Now, I’m gonna leave, but only because I have stuff to do. I will be back later on, and we will discuss this, okay.”

Terry wanted to punch Chance, but something in him wouldn’t allow him to do it. He wanted to tell Chance, with all his energy, to leave and never come back, but his heart forced him to nod. His heart forced him to watch Chance walk out expecting that he would be welcomed back with open arms. And once Chance left, all Terry could do was wonder why he wanted Chance to come right back after this.

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