The Serpent Master

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wrote this after dreaming about it. I'm not kidding, I had a very clear and vivid dream and wrote it all down immediately after waking up, and this was it.

Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018




To be a child of the Majestic Serpent is to live forever. It is to reign forever. It is to possess unlimited earthly treasures. It is superiority over others. It is the preservation of your soul. Only those who know the Secret of the Serpent will be accepted into his dwelling.



“Clive, I want to make a new album. I have all these fantastic ideas, we need to stop sitting on our asses and make some music!” Sapphire said to Clive in earnest - her boyfriend and the drummer of her band.

“You know what Saph, you’re right. Let’s call the guys.” Clive replied, after a dramatic drag on his cigarette.

Sapphire paused for a moment, a slightly uncomfortable tension entering the air. “Well. Before we do… I’ve been thinking.” Sapphire paused again, before deciding to just rip the Band-Aid off and say it. “Lawny kind of sucks these days. I want a new guitarist.”

Clive calmly snuffed out his cigarette and slid closer to his girl, who was now mindlessly scrolling through her phone. He slung an arm around her shoulder and planted a kiss on her cheek. “If that’s what you want darling, that’s what you’ll get.” He said with a crooked smile.

“Excellent. When shall we break the news to him?” Sapphire asked as she closed her phone and slid it into her back pocket as she stood up.

Knowing that Sapphire liked to get things done immediately, he knew that she really meant “get in the car, we’re telling him now.”

“How about we go right now?” He suggested, a mock-innocent smile playing on his lips.

“Yep” She quipped, without even turning around. Cracking another smile, Clive followed her dutifully.

Sapphire pulled into Lawny’s driveway and jumped out of the car without hesitation. She marched up his driveway and walked right into the house like she’d been doing for years. Clive was grateful that he’d thought to send Lawny a quick text, at least he was expecting them.

“Hey, guys!” Lawny said happily, swiveling around on his desk chair as Clive and Sapphire plopped onto his bed. “New music on the horizon?” He asked, looking expectantly at Sapphire. She was always writing new material and kick-starting the band into action.

Clive would have liked to break it to Lawny with a little bit of gentle finesse, but he knew that Sapphire preferred to do things her way. Abrupt and heartless. “Not exactly” Sapphire started curtly. “Clive and I both agree that you haven’t been playing very well at all lately. We want you out of the band effective immediately.” With that, she stood back up and headed for the door.

Clive shot a glance at Lawny’s face, which was an expected mixture of shock and devastation. Clive knew that Lawny’s music meant everything to him, but his devotion to Sapphire was stronger than his feelings for any other, and he couldn’t help but crack an adoring smile at the way she just didn’t seem to have any feelings or conscious. Except for him. Oh yes, she had quite a few feelings for him, as proven by the passion she exhibited during their more intimate nights together. He shot the unmoving form of Lawny a half-genuine shrug of apology before getting up and following Sapphire out the door.

Once Lawny finally came out of his state of shock, he knew immediately what needed to be done. “This is it, there’s no other option” He began, speaking to no one but himself as he began preparing the necessary tools and components. “This band was my destiny… It was my legacy. This is the path I am on, and there is no other. Therefore… It is time. This I know. Sapphire and Clive will harbour nothing but jealousy for me as I change the world without them. And yet, I will forgive them. I will forgive them of their selfish nature, of their cruel hearts. I will forgive them because that is what I do. That is what we are all called to do. They will be forgiven, but they will no longer be included in my endeavours.”

And with that, everything was ready. Lawny sat gingerly in the middle of the circle he had formed, folded his hands in his lap, and closed his eyes, a feeling of contentment coming over him as he knew full well what was in store for him now.

“My Serpent Master. I am surrendering myself willingly. Please come to greet me at the door” Lawny said, opening his eyes and smiling at the grand, old-fashioned red and gold door of fire that stood before him.

He felt a flutter of butterflies rise in his stomach when the door began to crack open, and he laid his bare eyes on the face of the Serpent, at long last.

“Lawny Richards. You have not suffered death. Why are you here?”

“My Master, I have suffered something worse than death. My destiny was taken away from me for reasons beyond my control. I have willingly entered your domain to reclaim it, as I know my life has been good and my intentions are true. I plan to enter your dwelling and return to earth reborn, ready to continue on the path that was meant for me.” Lawny said, reciting his practiced speech perfectly as he bowed his head in respect for The Master.

Lawny was completely taken by surprise when the Serpent threw his head back and began laughing maniacally. “Foolish mortal. You have failed to learn the proper Secret of the Serpent. You are not fit for this domain. You are not my child. Get out of my sight!”

Lawny stood at the flaming doorstep in shock for the second time that day. Within seconds, he realized what would happen now, and he screamed as the earth opened up beneath him. He screamed and screamed as he was swallowed by a horde of ever-darkening flames. Lawny could hear the Serpent Master still laughing, as he continued to scream a scream that would never cease.

“So what’s the plan then? When do you think we’ll be recording? A few weeks maybe?” John asked hopefully, looking right at Sapphire with wide, bright blue eyes.

Appreciating her bass players’ enthusiasm for the new music, Sapphire nodded. “Yes, I plan to have us starting in four weeks. Maybe five. Six tops. The music is all in my head, I just have to get it down on paper.” She said in her best ambitious, business-like tone.

“Wow, that’s awesome Saph. I just love your passion, and your dedication. It’s been nice to take a little break, but I’m honestly so pumped to make some new stuff. And to get on the road again! What a rush that’ll be!” John exclaimed excitedly, still talking to Sapphire and barely acknowledging Clive’s existence, let alone his presence.

“Look at that idiot,” Clive thought to himself. “Flirting with my girl, right in front of me. Barely even said hello. The dude can play, but holy crap. He’s annoying. Good gracious, he’s annoying.” Clive clenched his teeth as he seethed in silence, trying not to disrupt the increasingly gushy conversation that was going on beside him. Sapphire liked John, he knew that much, but she’d never be into him. Why can’t he see that? She’s never once flirted back. She probably doesn’t even know about his embarrassing little crush.

Clive tried to calm his mind, tried to ignore the growing annoyance in his chest, but it was becoming too much. He’d forgotten how irritating it was, watching this kid try to get with his girl. Or maybe he’d fallen even more in love with her during their little break. That was probably it because he didn’t remember it being this annoying. He couldn’t work like this. No, it just wasn’t happening.

“You know what John?” Clive almost shouted, interrupting whatever he was going on about.

John looked at Clive slightly confused but went along with it. “What’s that Clive?”

“Sapphire is never going to love you. She’s never going to sleep with you. She’s never even going to kiss you! Cause guess what? She loves me, she kisses me, and she sleeps with ME! Yeah. Every night bro, every night. Get used to it, and just shut up already. Actually, why don’t I just take care of that for you?” Clive finished his rant, putting a sickly sweet question mark on the last sentence.

Without even missing a beat, Clive pulled out the small handgun he always kept hidden in the back of his pants, and he shot John straight between the eyes.

Sapphire looked on with mild shock and John fell backward onto the bed, dead before he hit the mattress. After a few seconds, she chuckled. “Well. That’s that then! Guess we should start placing some ads huh?” She said cheerfully, as she hopped up to give Clive a kiss on the cheek before grabbing his hand and pulling him down the hall, out the door, and back to the car.

“That’s my girl,” Clive said under his breath, smiling ear to ear.

“What’s that babe?” Sapphire asked as she looked over at him from the driver’s seat with her beautiful, questioning green eyes.

“Oh nothing, I just love you Saph. I just love you.”

“Oh, Clive. I love you too! Now let’s go take over the world!”

Clive smiled and they settled into a comfortable silence for a few minutes as Sapphire drove home. It wasn’t long before he came to realize the full meaning of what she had just said. “Wait Saph, do you mean….” He trailed off, hoping she’d catch his drift.

She looked over at him, amusement in her expression. “Of course silly! We need to post ads for new band members, but doing it the normal way will take forever! These new songs are going to come quick, and besides, it’s time. It’s been time for a while, I just wasn’t sure what to do about Lawny and John. Now that they’re both taken care of, what better time than now? The Serpent Master will put us on the perfect path to world domination, and that will include finding the perfect partners to do the job.”

She was right. She was so right; Clive wasn’t sure why he hadn’t thought of the whole thing himself. “You’re right babe. I didn’t realize it until now, but it is time. It’s totally time. We’ll do it tonight?”

“Perfect!” She exclaimed, glancing over at him with eyes full of excitement and anticipation.

Upon returning home, they took to the couch for a few hours to watch some movies and kill some time. Around 9 pm, they decided to start. They gathered the necessary ingredients, and sat down, joining hands.

“Ready?” Sapphire breathed, hardly able to contain herself.

“Ready,” Clive said, never having been more sure of anything in his life.

They closed their eyes and began their spiritual journey towards that beautiful red and gold door of fire.

My Serpent Master, I am surrendering myself willingly. Please come to greet me at the door.” Sapphire started with the required greeting, followed immediately by Clive.

They waited a few moments, before seeing the first of the flames move, followed by the rest, to reveal the dark, malevolent and utterly beautiful face of the Serpent Master.

“Sapphire O’Lionne, Clive Richards, neither of you have suffered death today, why are you here?”

They exchanged a quick look, silently agreeing that Sapphire should do the talking.

“My Master, we have set ourselves on the path we know to be ours. We have eliminated the limiting factors in our destiny, and we are ready to enter your dwelling. We are ready to take full control, and reign over the earth as your servants, doing your bidding and ensuring your plan is followed.”

The Serpent opened his mouth in a sly smile. ‘My, My. Three in one day, how exciting! I haven’t had this many visitors to my door on the same day in probably 300 years!” The Serpent could barely contain his excitement. “And thank goodness the two of you have learned my sought-after secret, for I would have hated to send you away. I do love evil souls; they are what make this world! They are what we thrive on! So yes, my children, do come in. We shall prepare you to return to earth and begin the execution of your chosen destinies.”

Clive and Sapphire let go of each other's hands for the first time and followed the Serpent through the flaming door.

“We did it, babe!” Clive said as he rejoiced with a slightly effeminate victory dance. He would never, ever admit it to Sapphire, but he had had the slightest bit of doubt. He was a tiny bit unsure, wondering if perhaps they’d gotten the Secret of the Serpent all wrong.

“Of course we did silly! I always knew we would, it was just a matter of time. Your adorable jealously with John earlier just pushed it a little ahead of schedule.”

Clive regained his composure and took Sapphire’s hands in his once more. “And now, we become the most powerful musicians on the planet. We influence everything. We sway elections, we persuade governments. We dictate inflation. We do it all babe! We do it all! And hey, check this out.”

Clive all but skipped over to his drum kit in the corner of his room, picking up his sticks in the most graceful manner possible. He began to play, effortlessly hitting every note, becoming more and more skilled with every passing second. He had sold his soul to the Serpent, and he couldn’t be happier. 

© Copyright 2020 dreadfullullaby. All rights reserved.

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