Vampires and Zombies

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Why are Vampires and Zombies so intreging? Since the 1930's these book and movie themes have evolved through technology and are becoming increasingly more popular.

Submitted: September 22, 2012

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Submitted: September 22, 2012



What is it about Vampires and Zombies that caputure our attention? Is it the vampire's imortality or the Zombie's craziness? These characters bring the reality out of people's minds and put fantasy into play. If you were to put up five vampires against 100 Zombies, which team do you think would win? I saw a simulation once and 32 out of 35 times the Vampire won.

Think about how the fight would work. Five Vampires with their long fingernail claws and lightning fast speed against the Zombie. The Zombie is kindof like a robot with one goal, feed. The Vampire actually has some smarts to them and years of experience. In any way, I think this fight was interesting to watch.

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