Yau's Discovery

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Yau, a young Chinese girl who lives in Paris, has always loved to sing. But, sadly, has never had the courage to do so. When May, Yau's best friend, discovers a singing contest she writes down Yau's name and tells her. Yau is overjoyed, but very nervous. Can she discover what it takes to be a star?

Table of Contents

Yau and May

In the first chapter, we introduce best friends, May and Yau.
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Yau and Her Decision

Yau knows May was only trying to help. Yau is excited too but also nervous. Does she stay hidden in the shadows, keeping her normal life, or make May proud and muster the confidence to be a star,
at least, try her best to?
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A Secret

May and Yau are both excited. May and Yau are both happy. May doesn't know that Yau is regretting her decision. And Yau doesn't know that May secretly wants to enter the talent show too...
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Holding The Weight of The Sky

Yau isn't going to disappoint May. Or so she hopes. It's the week before her performance, she feels super anxious. Yau cannot spend a single minute without thinking about it. It feels to Yau that
she is holding up the sky with everything on her shoulders!
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The Day of The Show

It's the day of the show. Yau is nervous but excited. May is happy for her bestie but a bit jealous. Will Yau's voice finally be free from the cage she has kept it in? Or will she flee from the
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The Show Must Go On!

Yau doesn't want to perform anymore. She's too scared. Nobody seems to understand that though. So as they say, Yau decides that the show must go on! But if it goes on, then what happens?!
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The New Yau

Yau and May get split up. People are suddenly in love with Yau's singing... But not May. May is so sad that she attempts to stop Yau from leaving. Will Yau stay at home?
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The Path To Stardom!

Yau has received an offer, if she will work under Hopping Music Studios, they can help her become famous. But this isn't easy for Yau... Or May.
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Yau's First Song

Yau gets ready to create and publish her first song, while May attempts to do things so she can get noticed too. Yau has May's dream, but isn't the happiest with it!
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Yau's Apology

May is really upset about Yau not having time, so she gets angry. Will they break of the friendship for good? Or will Yau have the strength and courage to apologize?
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