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These are all the cats so far.

knew cats will be added soon.


Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012




Leader: Leaf

A fluffy-dark gray she cat with leaf green eyes, kind of short

Commanding cat: Gold

A short-haired golden pelt tom-cat with bright blue eyes

Medical cat: Hawk

A pure white she-cat with spots on one eye, down her back, on one leg, and on her tail.

Once part of Riverclan


Mist: a light gray tom-cat with brown eyes and no tail.

Darth: pure white, tall, skinny, blood red eyes, one black front paw, tom-cat.

Shade: All black she-cat with a pretty pelt.

Tibbs: A black tom-cat with white spots on his tail

Tabby: a tabby pelt and brown eyes.

Missy: A dark gray she-cat with green eyes


Paw: Orange tom-cat with bad memory.

Moss: dark gray, dark blue eyes, white chest.


Fox: A tall fox-looking she-cat with blue eyes

Yetta: A short, over-weight she-cat with brownish-red fur and brown eyes


Meow: A small fox-looking kitten. green eyes (Mother: Fox Father: Tabby)

Tibby: A tabby kitten with green eyes and one white paw (Mother: Fox Father: Tabby)

Mew: sandy brow she-cat with bright blue eyes (Mother: yetta Father: Tibbs)

socks: A twin of Meow. Green eyes (Mother: Fox Father: Tabby)


Leader: Sky

Tall, light gray fur, sky blue eyes, black stripes

commanding cat: Rain

a bluish-gray over weight tom-cat with dark blue eyes.

Medical cat: silver

A silver tom-cat with gray eyes. covered in battle cries


Shard: Very tall white and gray tom-cat with bright green eyes.

Coal: A short, fluffy pelt and coal black pelt, and hazel eyes, tom-cat.

Fluffy: A really fluffy white she-cat with scary white eyes.

Tammy: A tall she-cat with a tabby pelt. One blue eye and one green eye.

Frost: a pure white tom-cat with icy blue eyes.

Tail: tiger pelt, three white paws, glossy yellow eyes, and a very long tail.


Blaze: Short, fluffy, Pure black with an orange tip tail, Bright green eyes

Ruby: A reddish-brown tom-cat with hazel eyes.

Storm: a dark gray she-cat with brown eyes and a scar across her head.

Robin: A black and white tom-cat with gray eyes


Angel: All white but with one black front leg and her tail is black. (Going to have the leader's kittens)

Kittens: Some on the way. . .


Leader: still Unknown

Commanding cat: unknown at the time

Medical cat: Unknown at this moment


Broken: a short and black cat with a mest up paw. Tom-cat

Night: An unknown color and bright red eyes. She-cat

Shadow: a pitch black pelt with a redsish-brown strick down his back. Tom-cat

MidNight: A very tall she-cat with a moon colored pelt and moon lit eyes

Sheep: a smokey gray sheep-likepelt, creepyamber eyes. She-cat

Mask: a pure black tom-cat with gray eyes. Has very long claws and a mest up eye

Other cats:

Haiku: A sliver tom-cat with dark black stripes. amber eyes and little spots around one eye.

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Status: Finished

Genre: Other



Status: Finished

Genre: Other



These are all the cats so far.

knew cats will be added soon.

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