KnightPaw One: The Beginning

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Leaf is a young mother and the leader of FlowerClan. Leaf must protect her clan and her kitten from the danger of Death clan. With Clover gone, Leaf must depend on the new Medic cat of her clan, but also a strong evil is over head and she must save the lives of RiverClan.

Table of Contents

Blaze The Trainee

This is what we got out of the cats we just got. If we get more cats we can go on to chapter two so go read our book review.

Thxs to Hoplessromantic and StarCat63 for Blaze and Moss Read Chapter

Chapter Two: Sleeping Stranger Leaf laid in her den up in the pine tree. She stared down at Moss and an orange trainee known as Paw. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three: Taking clover's Place Leaf stopped at a log that was farther away from all the other dens. It belonged to her old frie... Read Chapter


Chapter Four: Rainbow Rose "You don't know how happy you've made me, leader!" Hawk was so bright and cheerful the next morning. "Plea... Read Chapter


Chapter Five: Letting Go Leaf ran as fast as she could across the tree bridge. Her heart was beating fast and the panting started to ... Read Chapter


Chapter Six: Leaf's savior The light blue sky was swallowed by the darkness of night. The clouds came and they were full of rain. The... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven: Welcome Home Leaf The tom-cat that had silver fur and black stripes with little spots around one eye helped Leaf acros... Read Chapter

Freakie Actions

Chapter Eight: KnightShip Day Leaf limped out of Hawk's cave the next morning and she saw Darth pinning Tabby on the ground. Leaf lim... Read Chapter

Sky's infection

Chapter Nine: Sorrow Leaf and her Knights looked around for any Death clan cats. No cat from Death clan was there. "I'm glad Death cl... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten: Turth About The Eye Leaf and Hawk sat there wide-eyed and frozen stiff when Sky spoke again. Angel and Silver weren't sh... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven: Love Becomes Hate The rain had stopped later on. "Forget it. I don't see why we need to attack now." Shade meowed. Da... Read Chapter


Chapter Twelve: Ruins Leaf hopped onto different stones as pain hit her like a bag of twenty four bricks. She had to hurry and find D... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirdteen: Message From clover "Leave us alone!" Hawk hissed at Rain. Rain backed her, Luna, Blaze, and Angel into a corner. ... Read Chapter

Haiku's return

Chapter Fourteen: Haiku's Return "Haiku. . ." Leaf's voice trailed off as the silver-black striped tom-cat leaped over the lava and o... Read Chapter

Darth's plan

Chapter 15: Darth's Plan "Hawk wake up!" Luna cried out before she woke the dreaming she-cat. Hawk opened her eyes in a flash. The me... Read Chapter

Disappearing Together

Chapter Sixteen:Disappearing Together "Now listen. This next part isn't going to end well if we don't solve how to make it out alive.... Read Chapter

Saving Mew

Chapter Seventeen:Saving Mew It was dark and very cold outside. The prisoners slept in the same cave Haiku hid Leaf in when she fell.... Read Chapter


Chapter Eighteen: Saved Or Doomed Darth smiled. He was mad that Haiku didn't kill her, but in a way he thought that it was funny. He ... Read Chapter

River and Flowers become one

Chapter Nineteen: River and Flowers Become One Luna jumped and clawed the bandit named Shadow. "Stupid fur ball!" Luna hissed and the... Read Chapter

After Story

  Chapter Twenty: The After story   Three months has past since the day Death clan was destroyed. It was around &nb... Read Chapter