unlucky little girl =(

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I wrote this in history not really 100% true so don't be to upset its a poem

Submitted: August 06, 2011

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Submitted: August 06, 2011



The gun fire shook the room

the windows started to crack

I lay in the closet

trying to act dead

when the men walked into the room 

they spoke in a thick acsent

that was hard to comprehend

I'm hiding frightend

I cry silent tears

women scream

the guns go off

my family disappeared 'the sound of moving feet

grow quiet

the silence eats my sanity

I wonder if they left

waves of relife washed

through me

but the also felt of death

moments passed

the door flew open

a man in colored armor

and a pointed hat

dragged me out of my hiding place

annd put me on my knees

he yelled at me

but I did not understand

I just stared at this man of furey

at the dragon with in

he held up the gun

my life went through my eyes

why did this happen to me

I'm innosent I swear

I'm just little girl

I wanted to beg I wanted to plea

but it was to late for me

the last thing I saw

was a smile on his face

he enjoyed killing me


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