A Time to Remmber

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This is a little peice to remmber the time we all wish we can return to and enjoy over...Childhood...

Submitted: April 22, 2009

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Submitted: April 22, 2009




The thing I loved the most about that time was how there was no care in the world and our conversations seemed to run in circles. Mindless babble about things no-one can understand like a secret language. How at anytime if anything went wrong, ever we all knew we had someone to call. Primary school would be hard to forget. We could act like complete children and no-one would judge, how easy it was to stand up for each other.  


I would never forget how our outings will be a break of sunshine in our high school exam week but then it got harder more complex, the fights rose to an almost maximum, everyone was so suddenly changing. We started to fall apart and there was no rewind button. No way to start a reverse and bring us back to stand as one. Still there were the six hour phone calls never running out of things to talk about. We tried to sort out the problems always putting 100% in to everything. Yet time tables were more crowded and times together were overshadowed by the mountains of work. The future was speeding closer, frightening all of us with its life changing choices and lack of time. Time which we needed to get our loves on track, time we should have gotten more of but didn’t.


We all have our memories about the time. A time carefree with no complications nothing to worry about. A time where we could be our selves and not be watched or critiqued. A time where we can’t go back to but all wish so dearly. We’ve all had that time. I wish I could re-live mine.

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