I set myself to the wind

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of love and death

Submitted: November 09, 2009

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Submitted: November 09, 2009



Let’s take a warm night in summer, lets celebrate the summer solicit. Let’s gaze at the constellations, and dance in circles around the campfire under the full moon. Let’s frolic in the rain and let our hair billow in the wind. Let’s roll down grass hills and laugh at all our problems. Let’s take up fishing and lets do all that we never got to do but most of all we should do it together.
The sun was bright the day he came. I remember sitting on the front porch, soaking up the first rays of summer. I remember dreading the long, lax, lonely, humid days ahead. I didn’t know how quickly you would change it all, I didn’t know sitting there on my porch during that sleepy warm day, that you were going to change it all. The rays of sunshine bounced off the tin roofs sending beams of light in all directions, they cast rainbows over sprinkles, which were a hopeless attempt to revive the already dead grass. Back then it seemed like I could look at that dead patch of lawn and relate it my life. Looking back now I think that’s the biggest misconception I ever made.
What I would do to rewind the clock, so we could spend wisely all our wasted time, to ask the question we never got the time to ask, to thank the people we never got to thank, to say our goodbyes.
There was no sunshine the day we left. The sky was crying its mournful tears, the fog clung to everything, like a pole. The clouds dark and threatening over head creating the perfect atmosphere for the days happenings, how ironic would it have been if it was the best day of summer? No, when we left pain, suffering and regrets clung close to everyone, like a layer they wore beneath their clothes, a second skin. If I was the sort of person, I probably would have cried it would have been appropriate, but I just stood there and watched. That’s all I really could do, watch it go on with no objection, no input, no real emotion. I listened to their goodbyes, their empty tears, I listened to them speak about love and then listened to them place blame on others, anyone but themselves. When their plastic appearances, and tears on cue began to make me nauseated I turned away, and he next to me did the same.
We walked away from the pain we had created, that he said they brought on themselves, we walked further and further from our own tombstones, till the little town was nothing but a speck in the distance. I don’t remember when but later we began to fade, not something we regretted nor wanted to put off.  It was inevitable, and welcomed by me more then him. He was the best thing that has happened to me but after death you don’t want to hang around something you know you can’t have, the best solution is closure. So I let the wind pick up pieces of my soul and let it carry me wherever it wishes. I set myself to the wind.

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