When The Mailman Comes 2

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The story explains itself...sorrow, love, and the ability to be there for one even when away. Let's not make this harder than it has to be...enjoy :)

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



I waded through the emotions of Colt being gone. It's only been two days, but it feels like a century. The mailman delivered the Sunday paper. The front page was about veterans. Oh the irony... I decided to take a shower. my cat Thomas jumped on the toilet like he always did when I took a shower. I saw the scale that I would weigh myself with daily. I had been so distracted by Colt going away that I hadn't wighed myself for two days. I got on the scale and it read 145. I was just just 140 two days ago! I shook my head and ignored it. I took my shower as if by routine. All I could think about was Colt. I finally got out of the shower when the water went cold. Thomas ran away to avoid water on his silky fur. I dried off and got dressed. I weighed myself again. Still 145. There was a knock at the door. Of course my first instinct was that it was Colt. I opened the door, fast, and no, it wasn't Colt, but my friend/co-worker Debra. She was wering a striped sweater with a turtle neck and brown kackis. Her face had little drops of sweat on it. 

"Hi Debra." I said kind of disappointed, but at the same time happy that someone was visiting me.

"Hey Maya. How's everything going?"

"Just fine."

"You feelin' lonely? Wanna go to lunch?" The phone started to ring.

"Hold that thought." I slammed the door in her face and ran to the phone.

"Hello? Maya speaking."

"Hello Maya. My name is John Jargenson. I'm from the American Navy Seal Society." Was that even real? "I just wanted to set up your call times with your husband...Colt? Yes Colt."

My heart skipped a beat. "Is he there? Can I talk to him now?"

"No, we need to set up times so you can talk to him. Is 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. good? You will have call times Monday,Wednesday, and Friday. Sunday is usually a maybe day for all wives or families." The word family kind of stung.

I looked at the clock. It read 2:42 p.m. If I said yes I could possibly talk to him today.

"Yes. Any possibilities of talking to him today?"

"Like I said. Maybe. It all depends. I will try my best to get him on the phone since he's newer, but as time goes on the clls may get briefer. Just remember that." I shook my head at the thought of anything bad hapenning to him.

"Okay. Yeah."

"Fine then. We're gonna send you a few papers just for you to sign comfirming residency and all that good stuff. Again, I will try my best to get Colt on. Have a nice day." I hung up before even saying goodbye. I suddenly remembered Debra. I couldn't go to lunch now... Colt might call. I ran to the door while coughing.

"Oh...ugh ugh...Debra I can't go...ugh....I just don't feel good." Debra looked at me quizically. I grabbed my mouth and waved her away. I slammed the door and ran to the phone to sit and wait.

Finally at five the phone rang. 

"Hello? Maya speaking."

"Maya! Baby. Oh god it's so good to hear your voice! Is everything okay? How are you? Is the cat still evil?" I laughed at that question. 

"Oh yes Thomas misses you too. Everything's fine." my stomach started to knot. I actually did feel sick.

"Maya. You sound so sweet." I heard Colt smile.

"You sound so tired. Is everything going good out there?"

"Yeah... about that. You know how I only requested 4 months until home? Well.... they gave me 8 months. I don't know where they got that idea... but I can't come home for 8 months."  I felt tears begin to create.

"Hmm? I- okay. I men that sucks. What if it's an emergency?"

"If it's an emrgency I will come home. Don't worry." I did worry.

I grabbed my stomach. A sharp pain started again. 

"Ugh! My stomach."


"No. It just hurts." Hungry? hmm...I hadn't eaten for awhile. 

"Oh poor baby. Look I got people behind me waiting to call. I will call you as soon as possible. Get some rest. I love you. Okay? Feel better! I love you sooo much."

I hung up the phone. My stomach hurt. My heart hurt. 

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