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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

After deciding to break her engagement with her fiance, Vicky falls off the cliff from her hiking trail. The next thing she realizes is that she's back in the 13th century where she meets a man named Alex.

Table of Contents


[completed] After deciding to break her engagement with her fiance, Vicky falls off the cliff from her hiking trail. The next thing she realizes is that she's back in the 13th century where she meets a man named Alex. Read Chapter

1236 England Alex sat front of the camp fire as he sharpened his sword. His young squire ran back and forth making a tent for his Bar... Read Chapter

He reached where he had found her.  There was absolutely no trace of how she had gotten there.  There were no roads near by and... Read Chapter

He led her to the river and they sat down at the bank.  He wetted his sleeve to wipe away the blood on her lips.  She flinched ... Read Chapter

Vicky woke up gasping for air.  Her eyes wide open and she found herself in arms of Alex.  This must be a dream, but no matter ... Read Chapter

Hours passed and she sat on the same spot where Alex put her.  She could hear his deep breathings.  Her back hurt for sitting i... Read Chapter

"My lady!" Richard came running to her rescue. He came running with his sword drawn.  He was ready to strike and he quickly stoo... Read Chapter

Vicky woke with sudden jerk.  For a second, she didn't remember where she was.  Then after bumping her head on Alex's chin, and... Read Chapter

About half an hour later, the troop was getting ready get back on the road again.  Vicky stood up and watched the men getting ready.... Read Chapter

Vicky woke up by the sound of the horses.  When she opened her eyes, Alex wasn't in the tent with her.  She slowly sat up and i... Read Chapter

They were welcomed by the villagers who cheered as they passed through the castle wall.  Most of them were curious to see the foreig... Read Chapter

The female servant closed the door behind her and started to help Vicky with the corset. "Oh, thank you for your help.  I didn't k... Read Chapter

Before her head hit the floor, a strong arms caught her.  "Vicky!" Alex held her up.  He lifted her in his arms and watched h... Read Chapter

Alex came back quietly with his hair wet after taking a quick swim at the cold lake.  When he slowly and quietly closed the door beh... Read Chapter

She felt something heavy land on her as she fell flat on her back.  She couldn't breath as if there was huge brick on top of her che... Read Chapter

That night and the rest of the week, Alex did not come back to his chamber.  Vicky heard from Margaret that he was sleeping in Thoma... Read Chapter

Margaret was at the hall serving Thomas for luncheon when Alex and Vicky came in.  Vicky's lips were blue from the cold and Alex was... Read Chapter

Vicky sat up quickly and blinked at the girl who stood at the foot of the bed. Vicky rubbed her eyes and tried to focus. "Get up you co... Read Chapter

Vicky was heading back to the castle when she saw Alex approaching. He saw her too and he quickly reached her. He looked like he was work... Read Chapter

Next morning, Vicky woke up and found Alex gone. She guessed that he went for early training with Thomas and Edward. She dressed in lad's... Read Chapter

"Vicky?  Lass?  Answer me." Alex took her shoulder and watched her recover from the shock.  "Alex?" she looked into his ... Read Chapter

When they finally came down stairs, Vicky and Alex found Richard and Margaret standing at the bottom of the stairs.  They looked rel... Read Chapter

Vicky woke up middle of the night and found Alex sleeping peacefully next to her.  She smiled at the sight of him and realized that ... Read Chapter

A few days later, Lydia still wasn't feeling well.  But when Vicky saw Lydia at the great hall, Lydia came up to her and apologized ... Read Chapter

Lydia looked at Vicky with a smirk. Vicky let go of her waist as she tried to get away from this crazy brat. Vicky realized now Lydia's b... Read Chapter

When Vicky opened her eyes, she found Alex sitting on the chair next to the bed.  He opened his eyes when he heard her breathing pat... Read Chapter

Thomas was heading upstairs when he saw Vicky walking down, holding her side. "My lady, you should not be walking around." he stopped h... Read Chapter

Alex slowly opened his eyes and realized how heavy his own body felt.  He took in a breath and tried to sit up.  He did so with... Read Chapter

"Oh, yeah.  Teach me how to use a sword, Alex.  After I get well, I want to learn how to fight." Vicky said as they lounged aro... Read Chapter

The next seven days were hectic and chaotic to Vicky.  It turned out that the village women had already started making her wedding d... Read Chapter

The celebration went on at the great hall and everyone ate and drank for their new lady of the castle.  Vicky danced and laughed wit... Read Chapter

They reached their climax together, holding each other so tight as pure ecstasy ran through their body, leaving them utterly drained in e... Read Chapter

The newlyweds stayed in their chamber all day. But Alex did order a bath so they could take a bath together. Alex watched the servants fi... Read Chapter

They lounged around the chamber as long as they could. Then they decided to take a walk outside. The sun was setting when they stepped ou... Read Chapter

A several days passed with Vicky concentrating on the knitting. It was harder than she thought. Or she just wasn't a knitting girl. Alex ... Read Chapter

 The rest of the week passed by without any troubles. Alex did inform Thomas about Vicky's dream. Thomas understood well and smiled ... Read Chapter

Alex and Vicky went into the hall hand in hand. Everyone was asking what happened. And Vicky just said Alex saved her from being stumpled... Read Chapter

As the weeks went by, the servants prepared handful of more dresses for Vicky. "Why do I need five more dresses? I have that blue one t... Read Chapter

On the departure day, Vicky and Alex said goodbye to Thomas and others. "Have a safe journey, milady." Thomas said smiling at her. "I... Read Chapter

Just like Alex promised, by the next night fall, Vicky saw the road clearing and soon was stunned by the sight of the huge castle and tow... Read Chapter

Early in the morning, Alex woke up with a smile on his face. He immediately felt his wife's pretty little head on his shoulder and heard ... Read Chapter

Vicky was told that it was a private dinner party with the king and his closest associates. But it was a lie, she thought. When they ente... Read Chapter

The dinner went well, even though Vicky hardly finished her meal. The food was delicious but she wished she could just throw away her cor... Read Chapter

A few days later, after saying a proper farewell to the king, they left the castle to go back home. Vicky rode Sunny happily as she was e... Read Chapter

Vicky knew exactly when something was wrong. Alex's hand tightened around her waist as they rode faster. To her amazement, he rode withou... Read Chapter

Alex opened his eyes and saw the trees looming over him. Then he quickly used his arms to find his wife. He found her on top of him but s... Read Chapter

Vicky gasped. She could definitely see the resemblance of Williams traits. The dark hair and the blue eyes and the bone structure. The ... Read Chapter

It took them a while to explain to her parents what really happened to her. But as soon as Ian and the boys brought in Alex's clothes and... Read Chapter

When Alex opened his eyes, he heard the birds chirping outside and the soft morning sun rays penetrating through the window, making the r... Read Chapter

After the mall, the whole family had BBQ in their backyard even though it was cold. It was early spring, but for Alex, it was a summer we... Read Chapter

Vicky saw James' jaws drop and she sighed realizing this was going to be a long day. "James, please have a seat. I need to talk to you.... Read Chapter

The next morning, Vicky opened her eyes and found herself on her stomach and as always, Alex sleeping pretty much on top of her. But he n... Read Chapter

They went back to their parents house to have lunch. Danny and Nick had to go to work, so it was just four of them. Vicky's mom made her ... Read Chapter

"Vicky. wake up love." Alex's voice woke her up. She blinked and yawned. She could feel the plane descending down. "Are we landing soon... Read Chapter

"Vicky!" Alex ran toward her scream. The stream of people rushed out following him. Alex found Vicky by the entrance of the hall, frozen.... Read Chapter

When they headed down to the basement, Vicky realized, it wasn't the same basement as she remembered 800 years ago. The floors were compl... Read Chapter

Another half an hour and they reached mountain of rocks. "It's a dead end." Ian said. The elders stopped to catch their breath. "Aye.... Read Chapter

After the kids went away to take their naps, Alex, Vicky, John, Marcus, and Ian had their meeting at the library. They talked about the f... Read Chapter

They arrived at the doctor's office and Alex helped her get out from the car. The building looked well kept and it looked like it had a l... Read Chapter

 A couple of hours later, a quiet knock came from the door and Alex found Ian. "Your new assistant just arrived. She can't wait to... Read Chapter

Vicky slowly sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Alex?" she searched for him but she found herself alone in the bedroom. But a few seconds lat... Read Chapter

The next morning, Vicky woke up all refreshed. She opened her eyes and found herself underneath Alex as usual. He woke up by the change i... Read Chapter

Alex and Vicky got back to her apartment and made dinner and got ready for bed a while later. They laid facing each other. Vicky's eyes g... Read Chapter

At the mall, they found handful of furniture that Vicky liked. Meredith suggested that she buy it, but Vicky wanted to wait and carefully... Read Chapter

The next day, they took Vicky's family to show them their new home. They loved it and they spent hours looking at the house. It seemed li... Read Chapter

Vicky slowly opened her eyes and found herself on the blanket covered floor with Alex on top of her. She sighed remembering their love ma... Read Chapter

Vicky and Meredith were in upstairs guest room talking about what kind of furniture she should get when the Williams security van pulled ... Read Chapter

Vicky and Meredith were walking out from one of the antique stores when Alex and the boys approached them. "Alex? What are you doing he... Read Chapter

About an hour later, they decided to go to bed. Vicky said good night to her mother and went to the master bedroom where Alex waited for ... Read Chapter

Vicky paced back and forth as Danny and Nick looked out the window to see if they could see anything. "He should be back by now." Vicky... Read Chapter

Weeks passed and there were no signs of James. Alex and the Williams men looked for James everywhere. They even used a satellite system t... Read Chapter

Everything seemed like it was happening in slow motion. Her own scream rang in her ears as she watched Alex's body being thrown back from... Read Chapter

Ian, Marcus, John, and Meredith came running into the waiting room of the hospital and found Vicky and the security team. "Vicky! Are y... Read Chapter

Alex was sitting on his bed by the time Vicky returned to him. "You are suppose to be laying down!" Vicky shrieked but he smiled. "It... Read Chapter

Vicky slowly opened her eyes by the morning sun rays penetrating through the window. She let out a sigh feeling refreshed. Soon, she felt... Read Chapter

The private jet landed safely at London airport and they headed to the limo that waited for them. After 2 hours of drive, Vicky, Alex, an... Read Chapter

Under the warm sunlight, Alex watched the Williams men tackle and play rugby with one another. His body itched to get on the field and pl... Read Chapter

The surgery was scheduled two weeks later. After Alex and Vicky was done at the doctor's office, Alex began to call Meredith for hospital... Read Chapter