Taken From You

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a poem about a girl that falls asleep and she is dreaming about her lover and awakes to find that he was lying in the bed next to her but was taken by death. The poem comes from a fear of death while sleeping that I had until I wrote this.

Submitted: November 12, 2011

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Submitted: November 12, 2011




Taken From You

Here I am lying wide awake,

praying from you God will not take.

Barely breathing I manage to speak,

mumbled words but far to weak.

Slowly, I fall into a trance,

then, with me, I see you dance.

Our hands touch and eyes meet,

there's no ground below my feet.

I float with such beauty and grace,

now a smile is on my face.

My heart beats one last time,

as for now, I am feeling fine.

Then I hear it, a tiny shout,

happiness, without a doubt.

Wait, but something is wrong I fear,

my face gets pale and I shed a tear.

I wake up...or am I dead,

the question just runs through my head.

Time is frozen and breathing stops,

my room starts spinning and I hear a pop.

Eyes wide open now and its what I feared,

Life was taken...from you, my dear.



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