It's Not Just A Myth.....Right?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Are the Greek Gods real? Maybe. Could everything be just a trick of light? Possible. Was my father possibly a greek god? Likely. Was I certifiable? Yes. Most Definitely.

My name is Zoey. And I'd like to personally welcome you to hell. Actually, that's Lina's job. But more on that later....

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: This was my own, personal rule: No sneaking out, late at night. I've watched too many movies, read too many books on how d... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: Lina "Name please," Lina looked at the long list of names in front of her, twisting the pen between her fingers. A s... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: Zoey What happened after the giant blue ball thing exploded- I wouldn't know. All I remember is blacking out. Maybe, if I'... Read Chapter

Chapter 4: Kate I whirled around to the tall man standing in the doorway. He had large, wire rimmed glasses sitting on the edge of hi... Read Chapter