The Cat That Ran Away

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Turbo,a small kitten,runs away from home because of Fluffy.She meets nice kittens and cats.She has to come inside before it rains.Will she get wet?

Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



I was at home playing with my mouse toy.It would've been better if it was a REAL one.Now that's what I'm talking about.My owner came home with a cage.I was wondering if it was a mouse in a big cage so I could go in it and eat it up.Yum.When they pulled off the sheet,it was a black and white kitten.Another kitten?No,there's only one kitten in this house and it's me."Come on Fluffy,"Jimmy said.Fluffy?That was her name?That was weird.I came up to her and she started hissing at me and started hissing."Turbo!Stop it!"Jimmy scolded.I was better looking than that fool.Well,why would they name a FEMALE kitten Turbo?!"Hey,get out of this house.It's mine,"Fluffy said."No,it's ours,"Turbo said.Okay,I'm trying to get along with Fluffy,but she didn't get along with ME."Get out of this house or I will get your tail and bite it down until you get out.Do you want that?"Fluffy questioned."This is our house and it will be our house until one of us passes,"I answered.Fluffy lifted up her tail."Well,you will pass first,"Fluffy said.After a week of a living horror,I decided something.I'm running away.I can't stand it here with Fluffy.I grabbed my toy and went off.I went to the abandoned building that nobody couldn't come in.It may be messed up,but I don't want Fluffy here.I heard meowing."Hello?"I greeted.Three kittens came out."Look,Mama,we have a visitor,"one of them said.The mother came and she was BIG."Hi,I'm Turbo,"I said."I'm Tsuyoki,"the mother said.Tsuyoki smiled."Turbo.Meet my kittens.Say hi to Yuki,Yuki-san,and Osuuml.Their father came to me."I'm Chimamire,"he said.I saw how big he was.He looked kind of scary.I started shaking.Yuki came up to me."Don't worry,we'll take care of you,"Chimamire said.I felt good."Are you gonna eat me?"I questioned."No,we don't cannobolize each other.That's what sharks do,"Tsuyoki answered.I started shaking."I don't want to be a guppy,"I said."Come on.It's gonna rain.You don't wanna get wet,"Yuki said.I came inside their box.I was nice and cozy.I felt like I could stay here for a while.

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