Turbo Attacks Fluffy

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Fluffy is attacked and threated by Jimmy,Turbo must try to get Fluffy into more trouble...enough to go back to the adoption center.

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



Now that I met Yuki,Yuki-san,Chimamire,Tsuyoki,and Osuuml.I think they're gonna take care of me.I hope they do not like that stupid Fluffy.Shoot!She thinks she's all that.Well at least I'm the idiotic one year old kitten that ran away and is plotting her revenge.Wait a minute...that's me.Oh well.She's two and I'm one,it's useless.She's bigger,older,stronger,and smarter.I have an idea.Since I drank that smart juice in that laboratory in Brooklyn,New York,I can out-smart her.She thinks that her brain cells are better than mine.Well,think again.I have to...fight Fluffy.At Friday morning,I went to the house and rang the doorbell."I'm coming!"12 year old Jimmy exclaimed.He opened the door.He recognized me.I guess this treat is getting a dessert."Turbo?Is that you?"Jimmy questioned.I meowed and ran around him.He picked me up and we came inside."Jimmy!It's time to feed Fluffy,"Mrs.Sanchez said.I saw Fluffy.She looked ugly like an ape.I came up to her and she looked at me."Well...well,well.Look what came back here.I thought I banished you with that scar on your face,"Fluffy said."I'm here to be with the family,"I said.Fluffy looked into my eyes."Go home,Turbo,"Fluffy said.I laughed."I am home,"I said.We went to have a "talk" in the closet.When she turned off the light,I jumped in and attacked her.She soon got messed up.I opened the door.I started meowing like if I got attacked by a bulldog.Jimmy ran to me."Turbo!What happened?Fluffy!!Why did you do this to Turbo?!!?She just came back and you attacked her!That's it.One more time...and you're going back to the adoption center,"Jimmy said.He picked me up and I smiled.A week later,I left and I told Chimamire that I completed his mission.Now,this is the beginning.There has to be a middle...and an END.

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