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Submitted: February 07, 2018



  The smell of mixed body odor and sweat hit me like a hurricane. I was always dreading 6th period, but last year I didn't remember the smell being as bad. I quickly got with my friends and we started talking about the usual. Ryan grew almost a foot over the summer and so did his hair, Ms. Patty started chocking on a tootsie roll, and some idiot decided to video her and post it on Instagram, Taylor Swift's new song is good it just gets better the more you listen to it, and how Ryan also posted some super mean things to our friends on Snapchat. As soon as we finished walking one lap around the gym, the bell rang. "I wonder what class we'll be going to this week." my friend Annie said. Most likely P.E. with the 8th grade class. 

  If you are wondering what the heck i'm talking about, my school is awkward (if you want to call it that.) They changed our P.E. class from having P.E. one semester and Health the next, to now having P.E. one week, Fitness (Yoga, weights, aerobics, and board games)  the next, and then Health the last. Repeat that over and over and you get my whole year in PE. Also, I got some of the worst people in seventh grade in this class. There is Whiny Amelia, she cries over everything when she can't get her way and its really annoying. The "Bad Kids" or also known as the black guys who are obsessed with sex, cussing, girls asses, and thinking they are cool. Joey, who is super rude and inappropriate, but is making progress.(Probably because he has started going to youth group) Johnica and her weird friend Aruroa, I was once friends with Johnica but then she got super dramatic and annoying. Lastly there's me and my friends, your "average white preps" or so some guys call us. We just happen to be friends and love hanging out with people. 

  "Class we are going to go into the Health classroom this week" my gym teacher, Ms. Cofen called. So we line up, and headed to the health room. I practically fell asleep because health was so boring, but i got awoken by the bell. Oh sh--nap I thought, I cant miss the bus. 

  I ran for what felt like 5 long minutes to catch the bus. It was super crowed but i found a spot next to my friend. I rode listening to some Christian music because i need the love from god today. Sadly,  I had lost the thing i pretty much love most in the world--my dog. This morning my mom told me sad news that my dog had passed. I could handle that, but I had to run away when she went and told my little sister Rose, that dog was her best friend.(When she was off the computer) When my stop came, I quickly got and started walking quickly because the people on my bus are super mean. Little did I know that one of them would trip me and I just happened to fall on top of someone. 

  "Oh shoot sorry man" I say. I look up and realize to my horror that it was Ryan. I felt my whole body go white, "Next time watch where your going" I hear him tell me. "Uh huh, sorry. These people on here don't like me, and the love to trip ma and-" "Sorry I start mumbling when i get nervous" "Its ok, that happens to everyone" he told me. "what, "Meet me at Lakeshore at 5:30 because I need to talk to you about something," he told me. Sure i said in my head, but I didn't want to say anything out loud. "I got to go now, this is my stop" I tell him. I then hurry off the bus. 

  Time flies by while I'm home and soon i realize I should be getting to Lakeshore to meet Ryan M. So i tell my mom that I have a project and me and my group mates were meeting up at Lakeshore. Then when she drops me off I quickly see Ryan chilling under a tree at a bench on his phone. There he is, you'll be fine I tell myself. but then i see a girl I recognize who's in 8th grade go up to him, sit next to him on the bench and then kiss him. He started kissing her back, hard.

  Do I have a crush on Ryan? I ask myself in my brain while i determine wether i should go on a run or not. I'm already in sports clothes and a sports bra, so if i go on a run I won't flash anyone on accident. I decide to go on a run. I run past Ryan who thankfully didn't notice me. But, the reason was because he's still making out with this girl, but now his hands are sliding up her shirt. Ouch. if anyone saw this he would be ruined I tell myself.  

  I keep thinking about this, all the while admiring the pretty scenery on my run. I look at the time once I've made a full lap, and my mom should be here to pick me up. i lie to her when she asks how my project went, and i told her, "Great! We are almost finished with it, but we are going to try and get together again tomorrow. Is that ok with you?" "No, because you have your soccer game. Don't forget" she replies.  I forgot about that. 

  Once we get home, I do my nightly ritual. Bathe, wash my face, do homework, pick out my outfit for tomorrow, and listen to music while doing so. I feel so tired I decide i'll just sleep under my fuzzy blanket instead of actually getting into my bed, this day has drained me. I get a text message from a number i don't recognize. It says: Hey why weren't you there today? I decide to reply: Who is this? And where was I supposed to be? The odd number again: Its me Ryan You said you would meet me at Lakeshore I replied again: I was there, I just didn't find you so i went on a run. That was a total lie. I couldn't tell him the truth, never.


  The next day at school he sadly came to 1st period. I totally forgot i had 2 classes with him everyday. He just walked on past my seat and sat in his desk. I wonder why he didn't talk to me. I guess he just forgot about what happened yesterday.

 1st period flew by, and once the bell rang i was out of my safe habitat of the classroom, and into a mad jungle overrun with people. I started walking towards math, when i felt a tug on my backpack. "Sorry" i start to say, but all of a sudden Ryan pushes me against the lockers and talks to me in a dead serious tone, "Why weren't you there?" I decide to tell him the truth. Even though there are people all around us, i can't see them or hear them. All i see is Ryan and I. "Ok, fine. you want to know the truth?" I tell him. "Well I did go there, just when i saw you you were making out with a girl who goes here, and it looked like you loved that a lot because you were grabbing her butt. Then right when I looked at how much you were loving that I realized that I had feelings for you, but since you were obviously in love with her I just left" I manage to say, but now on the verge of tears.

  He releases me, and i run straight to the girls restroom, my tears flowing out. I can hear him calling for me to stop, but I can't. Not after what just happened. I just sit there, in the handicapped stall slowly crying. I get a text message from Ryan but I just ignore it fully. I'm in the bathroom for a long time, not caring that I will most likely get into trouble for skipping class.The bell soon rings and I go straight to my social studies class. Luckily, Ryan wasn't in that class. I have Science with him in 5th period and its still only the morning. 

  3rd and 4th period were so boring that watching paint dry on a wall would have been more interesting. Dreadfully its time for 5th period. I pray that Ryan won't show, but he does. I don't even make eye contact with him because I'm so nervous. He doesn't seem to be doing anything to get my attention. I realized that my water bottle was empty, So I asked my teacher if i could fill it up. She told me yes, so I go out in the hallway and start filling it up, when suddenly I hear a door open. It could have been any person out of any class, but somehow I knew it was Ryan. HE walked up to me and said,"That girl at the park was a whore. I gave her what she wanted so she would leave me alone. I have always wanted you, but your just so different, so interesting, so fiesty and amazing. Your so much better then me." I couldn't believe my ears. Did he just say that I am better then him? I told him,"I would think that you are better then me. Your so smart, funny, mysterious, and so so beautiful. Plus you hang out with the 8th graders, which makes you like double the times popular." And right then and there something happened. He grabbed my face and pulled me into a kiss. I kissed him back and i can feel him smile, my lips on his. I felt like I was floating on a cloud. He pulled away from me first. That was my first kiss. He was my first kiss. This is something so big in my life. There's a moment of silence between us and I start to worry. What if hes has kissed someone before me, and i let him down? Am I not good enough for him? What if he is faking this just so he can show the world my secrets and tell everyone how horrible i am at kissing? I think he sees my worried look on my face and breaks the silence, "Wow. That was amazing. I have never kissed anyone as good as you, you must have a bunch of experienced." Oh my gosh I can't believe he said that. "Um no, I actually have never kissed anyone before you." His face went into total shock.

 We both went inside the classroom, and immediately everyone looked at us. I quickly hurried to my seat. My friends started asking me questions, but I just didn't talk. Then one of them broke me with, "Why were you gone so long?" I had to lie to them, I don't ever like any of these rumors and how people judge people asap. I told them that I went to the filtered water fountain and one of my old teachers asked me for help with their computer. Its a good enough lie. Anyways, our class finally gets to watch this show that my fathers company made. its called You Can't Turn That Into a House and everyone seems to love it. The bell rings about halfway through the show. Its a red day today so I have Yearbook.

  At my school our colors are Red and Blue, so we have a Red and a Blue days to switch out which elective we have each week. Also I am on the yearbook committee, but last year you had to sign up for it and you will see if you make it or not. Plus, this is a class that takes up one elective. (It would be STEM for me) The best part about yearbook is that for like the first month you don't really do anything, and that each class is only 4 people. Unlike my other classes which have 20-30 people.

  Back to reality, I was walking out the door when (guess who) Ryan grabs my backpack. He whispers in my ear, "Meet me at Lakeshore today and I will tell you everything." "I cant, I have a soccer game today. I know my parents aren't going to be there if you would like to come. We can talk right after that." I tell him. He told me he can go, just text him the time and place, and if its too far away he cant come. I text him in yearbook, If you need anything else from me come to the library and i will be in the fiction section, and my game is at 6:00 at the Cellular fields. My team will be in blue and on field 5. Ok got it, he replies. 

 I ride the bus home, but Ryan doesn't normally ride my bus. So it doesn't surprise me that he isn't on it today. i sit next to this 6th grader who i am good friends with. He gets off a few stops before mine. I jam out to The Wire by HAIM. I love their music, its super good and catchy. I reach my stop around 4:00 pm.(which is the normal time I get off) 

It doesn't take me too long to get my soccer clothes on. The team I am supposed to be playing today is super bad. That's a really good thing, because that was Ryan won't see us defeated badly. Well, If he even shows.  


 I get to the fields only to see that Ryan isn't there. I guess I was right thinking that he wouldn't show. I decide hes not worth the wait. I start warming up and get told that I will be starting in goalie since Abby broke her arm, Lucy sprained her wrist, and because Rachel jammed her finger. So i get one of my team mates to start warming me up. I'm doing my normal warm ups, catching high balls, diving to grab balls that want to sneak into the goal. You know, that boring stuff. Whenever I play goalie i try to imagine that someone I know and care about is watching me so ill be on my best behavior when I am playing. The ref calls on us to get into our positions when i see him. I see Ryan on the other side of the field. My team runs out on the field all the while I can hear the 7th graders whisper, "Oh my gosh. Why is Ryan here? Does he like someone on our team?" If you only knew i think to myself. I give him a quick glance when I'm at my position, and he smiles at me. He gives me a smile that could melt me into a puddle. The best smile in the world, one that shows you care. 

  The game starts and I am shaking. Its almost 5 minutes in when we score our first goal. I can see Ryan coming towards the goal. He walks closer and closer till when hes against the goal post. "Your not supposed to be over here. You could get my team in trouble," i tell him. "Go over there." And i point to the area near my goal, just not as close as earlier. He goes over, and luckily he does too. The other team is getting closer to our goal quicker by the second. One of them has outrun my defense, so i have to charge her.

  Lets give you a little lesson about charging if you don't know what it is. charging is where the goalie runs up to the person trying to score, while trying to jump on top of the ball without getting kicked anywhere that would cause damage.

  Back to reality. I charge this girl, and I get the ball, but i first had to stop her. So i did what I would normally do, run into her. I ran straight into her and her head hit my knee and it hurt like crap. I grabbed the ball just in time which is good. I had to kinda limp run to the very edge of my goalie box, and then punted the heck out of the ball. It went extremely far, almost making it into the other teams goal. I saw what Ryan was doing, and he just looked at me in amazement. I held my glance with him while walking and touching my leg a bunch seeing where i am going to have a bruise tomorrow. He lip syncs, "Are you ok?" I reply, "Yes, I am just going to have a bad bruise here tomorrow." 

  He looks relived. I make a few more stops, and my team scores some more. Then the ref blows the whistle. Halftime I call out to my team.  We all drop back into our set up spot and start talking about what we are going to do next. I see that I am going to become a midfield. That's good I tell myself because i can shove people. We break and then go back onto the field. The game resumes and I am told to cover this one girl, so I do. I get one of my team mates to pass the ball to me,  and the girl next to me tries to get it. I  really want to score, so I go to the ball with her, shield her hard causing her to fall over, then sprint my way towards the goal. The other teams goalie isn't super good, so I kick the ball as hard as I can into the right top corner. It goes in and I'm very happy we scored. I run back and high five all of my teammates, then glace at Ryan and see where his face is in pure amazement. It was the best moment of my life: My crush seeing me do something at my best and astonishingly. 

 The game ends soon, and my team gathers up and gives our last minute talks. We soon break, and we run off to our parents. I don't want to cause drama about Ryan coming to our soccer game for me, so i go sit down on a hill and wave him over. He comes and sits and we sit in silence for a little bit. 

  He broke the silence, giving him the upper hand to talk about anything. "Do you want to know why I treated your friends badly?" he asked me. "Of course I do. But I also would like to know why in ELA you are always late, and why you are so quiet and why you look at me a bunch. Then, why in Science you don't acknowledge me at all and go off with the bad kids," i reply back. He starts to talk, "Lets start this from the very beginning. I have always been a good kid, I have done good with grades, with friends, and with life. I only hung out with the bad kids because my older brother made me. My older brother wants to make me a mini him, but I don't want to be like that. That's also the reason I treated your friends so badly. I am always late to first period because my older brother takes me, and likes to skip school a lot to hang out with his girlfriend, so he drops me off super late. I am super quiet in ELA because I don't have anyone to really talk with. I stare at you because I love your face and because why shouldn't I be staring at you. I can't ever acknowledge you because if i did Brooklyn would get made at me. Plus shes has pictures of me no one else can see, and I would be ruined if they got out." I interrupt him saying, "Where they like nudes? And to be honest before you told me why you were always late I thought it was because you were out with some high school girl each day." He gets back on where he left off saying, "No! That's  gross, plus what sort of older girls think i'm hot?" I can think of a few i tell myself in my head. "I'm sorry if i have hurt you, and i'll try my hardest to not hurt you or your friends, and keep our liking each other secret." he tells me. I'm starting to realize that I truly like him, and that I might be willing to forgive him. Enough that i tell him, "Hey, would you maybe like to go see a movie sometime?" 


It's been a week since Ryan and I went on our first "date" and let me tell you, it was amazing. 

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