Ant and Andrew

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A perspective on life of a man who kept on preparing for happiness in a methodical and meticulous manner and the interesting twists and turns in which life presents itself.

Submitted: October 24, 2008

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Submitted: October 24, 2008



The cold wind was teasing the nerves. Andrew liked it. Atleast it showed that he is sensitive. He was looking into the dark under the artificial vision of the headlights of his car as he was travelling at a reasonable speed to a destination unknown.

A sudden pat on the back. Andrew turned back to face the clown face of his friend Tim. Tim and Andrew have been buddies from school and have gone to college together to study Civil Engineering. "Man, College really sucks, no entertainment" Tim always complains when he is around girls and now he has two of them to his attention, he tends to create a bored sarcastic look around himself with the expectation of a sympathy wave from any girl in asking him for a date. "How about a movie, Tim" Adrian fell for the trick. Tim and Adrian waved to Andrew and moved off to the movie zone.

There she was standing alone in the sun. A shy and timid girl but bold enough to smile at Andrew. He smiled back. Elizabeth was introduced by Tim at a party a few weeks back. This is their second meeting. "Would you care for a Coffea? He was hoping she will not join. He was not that much interested in girls....Nonono......he is not gay or anything........just a guy who does not bloom on seeing a girl. He is a typical sterotype with full focus on his work. Surprisingly she accepted the invitation.

"Coffea is good", a typical and stupid startup conversation as usual by Andrew. She just smiled. "So, how is college, Elizabeth". He just wanted to finish the coffea and leave ASAP.

"You can call me Lisa, Andrew, I mean that is how my friends call me"

"So I am now your friend, Lisa...Good" - A typical sarcastic joke which never works with girls. He was hoping that this will drive her away.

She laughed. "Well, I don't know, but I feel somehow we can relate to each other so soon eventhough it is our second meeting"

"Coming back to your question on college, I am really enjoying myself"

"Cool... so what is your ambition?" Girls, according to Andrew never go for the serious talking types. This is his final blow to make her leave.

"Actually, I am interested in pursuing teaching as a profession, specifically English in which I am majoring as of now"

"I like teaching too especially when my teacher is a good looking woman as yourself"

"Is that a compliment or a metaphor, Andrew"

"Why are girls so pessimistic.... I just made a harmless statement."

Something kicked between them. They just hit the wavelength so smoothly and no sooner than three months were in love and were married in a year.

Andrew was busy preparing for his presentation to the client on his design. Lisa came up with sandwich and a glass of milk.

"Andy, eat the sandwich atleast, you had been working all night"

"Dont disturb me now, I have to finish this one in 30 minutes" He was racing against time. He could not see the tear hidden by the smile on Lisa's face.

"It has almost been a year, and my parents wanted to see me". She did not want to go, but wanted to see his response.

"hmm..... I cannot drop you..... I do not like your know that................They are repulsive.

Lisa smiled. She knew this response by heart now. Somehow the chemistry did not work for Andrew and her family. They shared mutual hate for each other. Somehow this hate has created a rift between her and Andrew.

"I can take a cab and meet them.....that is if you don't mind"

"yeah issues" He was feeling miserable that she is leaving. He did not want her to go. He wanted to take her out once this design is signed off by his client. He has been saving money for almost a year for a good long vacation. They have been hardly seeing each other with Andrew coming  late into the nights and leaving early.

"Something is missing for the past 6 months" Lisa wanted to say somethiing.

"What is it" Andrew was puzzled.

" I don't know, somehow for the past six months, I feel like I am in some kind of vaccum......I am finding difficult to breathe......something seems to be wrong" She was trying to speak her mind.

"What nonsense, lisa......the last one year has been amazing.......

"I got promoted as Senior Designer with a good hike, just 6 months back"

"We took a loan and have got a beautiful house, just 2 months back"

"I bought you that fantastic necklace..the pink colored one which you had wanted"

"Last week, we went shopping and really freaked out buying all the items that you had wanted"

"I mean........this has been very exciting period, lisa....I am surpirsed at your statement"

" is like ......I am not feeling ....maybe I need to spend more time with my dad and mom...." She wanted to say that she wanted to spend more time with him but she echoed differently hoping he would contradict.

"yeah....I are always possesive about your had never cared about me.......fuck off.........just fuck offff." Andrew lost his cool, threw the sandwich plate into the air.

"I just want peace of mind.....after the marriage you had taken everything away from me..... I was extremely happy with my work" He was just venting his anger and did not mean a single statement.

He stood up looked at the tear dripping eyes of his wife and said" Leave me alone" and walked out of the room.

The glaring light of the opposite vehicle woke Andrew from his trance. He was searching for lisa. His friend told that she had commited suicide on that day that he left his home. He does not believe that. She could not die like that because he loves her. She has just taken leave of him for sometime. She will be back. He know that. He believes that she will be walking out of the dark that surrounds him and show him the light.

He is searching....................

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