donde esta mi hermoso amor

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on a trip to spain a few years ago i decided to take a hike into the hills to escape the hustle and bustle of the regular tourist haunts , i wanted to explore and meet people , being a man , i was determined to find my own way around and needless to say , i got lost . i'm so pleased i asked for directions .from this wonderful senorita .

Submitted: August 26, 2008

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Submitted: August 26, 2008



in the mountains of spain

i am lost and alone

the map makes no sense

and i've no charge on my phone .

my legs have grown weary

my eyes scream for rest

but i must find direction

before i heed their request .

i don't speak the language

i take myself to task

if i'd taken more notice

i'd be able to ask .

on an old rocky road

i see a signpost of sorts

if i was'nt so stupid

i'd find my way back to to port .

on an old horse driven cart

my heroine arrrives

a meeting of chance

that would change both of our lives .

her eyes filled with laughter

as she took pity on me

but behind the giggling

there was so much more i could see .

she was so beautiful

so compassionate and kind

my heart was lost in that moment

this was the love i'd always hoped to find .

she became my guide for the duration

for me all hope was lost

if i should lose her now

could my heart bear the cost .

from friends to true lovers

in the fullness of time

i feel her heart beating

in unison with mine.

we spoke of the future

and how we'd overcome the obstacles in our way

but her family destroyed me

when they stole my true love away .

they have hidden her from me

how my heart aches

with each fruitless search

once more my heart breaks.

but i'll never stop searching

despite my hearts alarms

until the love that was stolen

is safely locked in my arms .

where is my true love

i now ask as i knock on each door

and with each no intiendo, i beg

donde esta mi hermoso amor .

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