i'll wait until forever

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speaking from the heart , the source of all that is pure and true .

Submitted: October 24, 2008

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Submitted: October 24, 2008



i kiss your beautiful picture

and pray to the good lord above

to open your heart for a moment

so you can feel the strength of my love .

as you lay on your pillow

caution tormenting your mind

look into your heart for the answer

seek and you shall find .

i will love you always

until the end of time

i'll hold your heart so carefully

as you are holding mine .

my eyes will adore you

your kisses will be worth more than gold

i'd give my life so willingly

if you were in my arms to hold .

i know you have so much to lose

and i have so little to give

save for a heart and a promise

to love you as long as you live .

so rest and dream my angel

take all the time you need

i'll still be waiting

until heart and mind are agreed .

i'll wait until forever

and i'll be content to kiss

until the moment you are ready

to begin our life of romantic bliss .

tonight as you are sleeping

feel me holding you tight

your ears i'll be caressing

as i whisper '' i love you'' goodnight .

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