imagine this , buddy boy .

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anastasia starlena has responded to my '' in her imagination poem '' for her poem to make sense it really does have to be seen close by mine .
she is a wonderful writer and i advise anyone reading this poem to pop over and see her work , you will be delighted you made the journey .
oh i'm so tempted to add to the fun of this but in fairness , i have to leave it here . who was it said , ''i'll be back'' ?

Submitted: April 19, 2009

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Submitted: April 19, 2009



my imagination is a wonderful thing

i can be there with you in an instance

giving you the love you desire and need

so if i were you i would rethink your stance .


all the silly things you say i would do

like get upset when you wear my dress

well honey , i would press it for you

will that make you super impressed ?


''oh'' that drama you so sweetly say i cause

that is the same drama that shows you love

as well as the passion that i share with you

love that beautiful drama , it is a gift from above .


''oh'' and that buzzing you so claim to hear

i figure it out it is from the lack of oxygen to the brain

or perhaps you are not doing a good enough job

all women have needs , i should not have to strain .


but all in all , you are my best friend as well

my heart speaks love for my man it is true

my imagination so vivid and clear

i love you forever and always ,our hearts in tune .


anastasia starlena

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