round one conceded ,

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like any true yorkshireman , i admit when i've had my bum kicked .

Submitted: January 23, 2009

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Submitted: January 23, 2009



you can see from the image on my page , i'm a timid skinny little geek of a guy from yorkshire but i do like to play especially with my elders .

i have two very very old friends on this site and i challenged them to a poetry wrestling contest , if you follow the poems , you'll find i got my butt whipped , the word ''war'' scares me silly and i dashed for cover at its mention .

of course it was'nt meant in the context of real warfare but being so young and naive , i misunderstood .

as a result , the old dears are one up on me and positively gloating about their victory .

us yorkie's yap a lot but we don't bite , i ran head on into two texan dobermans and got savaged . so i concede round one to them .

now as a gentleman i can't reveal their ages . it just would'nt be polite but as a lover of all things antique , i am sure i will want to play again very soon , i won't underestimate my opponents this time .

i will retreat and lick my wounds for a little while , drop my dreaming of you tag and perhaps become terry the trainee bitch , i'm not sure yet . i just know i have to forget all the lessons i was taught as a child and learn from the lesson i was given recently .

i leave this round a lightweight but i've got a ravenous appetite , i'll soon put weight on and return .

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