she got her own back

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i grew up with a young lady who has been a friend my whole life , i tease her constantly about various thing's , only in fun mind , she asked me write something in which she got her own back . she liked it , i hope you do too .

Submitted: August 05, 2008

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Submitted: August 05, 2008



she wear's leather mini skirts

and has leg's that never seem to end

she's peroxide blonde and gorgeous

and i'm proud she is my friend.

i've known her for so very long

from way back in childhood

but make no mistake about it

i would if i could .

i'm at the front of the male queue

knocking on her door

but unlike the randy hopeful's

i know the true score.

she's a lady who like's ladies

and has been so since we were kid's

but she's also very flirtacious

and really likes to flip my lid.

{this is what the little tinker did .}

terry i have changed my mind

a stallion is what i need

if you play this game with me

you'll be the first man to succeed .

she said me the full monty

removing every stitch

so long you have tormented me

it's time to see if you can make me switch .

she promised she liked a little bondage

she wanted to tie me to the bed

to cover me in chocolate sauce

to see how i tasted .

well i danced like i've never danced

revealing all i had

she could tell i was pleased to see her

but surely that was'nt bad.

she bound me to all four corners

of the four poster bed

then covered me in chocolate sauce

just as she had said.

she had arm's like an octopuss

not a bit was missed

then she lay beside me

and kissed like i've never been kissed.

suddenly she started laughing

her demeanour began to crack

for all the times i'd teased her

she was getting her own back.

she kissed me tenderly on the cheek

and gave my tummy one last rub

then got up giggling endlessly

and pissed off to the pub.

{ooooooooh the rotten swine }

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