the cabin in the forest

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two lovers escape from the rat race and build their own love nest away from prying eyes .

Submitted: April 10, 2009

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Submitted: April 10, 2009



the world can be cruel

and people unkind

but love is a jewel

each of us can find .


desperately lonely

and feeling alone

an explorer is searching

for someone of his own .


if it means they can be together

and their love is true

then he'll wait forever

if thats what he must do .


through disease and sickness

through heartbreak and pain

the intrepid explorer

in love will remain .


he traverses the oceans

the boundaries and skies

opening his heart

for its there the truth lies .


time has no meaning

forever love has no face

his beliefs never fading

he roams place to place .


forever love sated

he finds what was meant to be

the partner with whom

he will travel eternity .


to build a new life

into the country they flee

away from the rat race

ugliness and misery .


in the midst of a forest

a log cabin they erect

working together

as one would expect.


families grow strong here

forever love thrives

two lovers bonding

each day of their lives .


true friends are welcome

to visit the world we will share

and this wonderful world

can be built anywhere .


perhaps i am painting

an idyllic scene

but if we believe in forever love

it is a reachable dream .

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