Only in the Real World

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Its my life i guess i should be used to it right?

This is something i wrote when i was feeling empty,that is it.

Something little starts it, something simple such as a little thought

The huge rush of emotions hit you like a train coming at a million miles an hour.

You try to run but you can't.

Tears start coming, you can't stop them.

You feel it, the wetness on your face,

that salty taste when it reaches your mouth.

You think in you mind, “not again, am i really this weak.”

After a couple of times it gets worse

It seems like your spending every night alone crying in the basement.

Headphones in, music so loud so that you wont hear yourself cry.

Sleevesof your shirt stained withmascarasmudges.

Face soblotchyand red you look like a cherry.

Don'twant to be back because just even the slightest look will make you burst out in tears.

It's another world down here.

It's safe, you feel like nothing can bother or beat you.

You don’t want to leave, because you just know it's only worse in the real world.

You wish you could stay here forever, but you cant.

You know you can't and that just makes you cry even more

Knowing that fact that your going have to go back and see the things you don't want to see, hear things you wish you never did, and do things that change you forever.

And the worst part of it all is that you know you cannot escape.

It breaks you down little by little everyday.

It keeps going, it wants you to feel pain, it tells you you’re not good enough

It goes until there is nothing left.

Submitted: February 02, 2012

© Copyright 2021 dreamingdreams. All rights reserved.

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