Claws in my mind

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Just something I wrote when I was sad

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



Claws in my mind, grabbing for what humanity I have left.

Teeth gnashing at my only emotions, trying to rip them from my heart.

What can I do, how can I fight this force so prominent in my mind?

Each day goes by as quick as it starts, never stopping even as I beg on my knees.

Why must someone go through this torment, what could I have done to deserve this?

Was it my mistakes or my hatred for them?

But maybe I deserve this pain.

Maybe it’s what keeps me alive forever fighting in my mind.

For now I am a forlorn soul, forced to wonder these broken paths alone.

Fate to cruel to end it all, and to much of a coward to end it myself.

Oh come my old friend and free me, take away this darkness that holds me.

Fight for me, for I am to week now.

My eyes they grow heavy and the last tears run down my face.

My chest to heavy to breath, and my body to tired to move.

What do I have left?

Please my old friend come save me from this hell…

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