Missing You by DreamOwl

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A poem for those you miss someone dearly in their life

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



Missing you

By Wesley Summers


Days cold and bitter with a waning breeze pass by.

They blur into a single heavy emptiness that fills me from the core.

When I heard, it was a surreal feeling almost like a dream.

I didn’t want to believe what happened, but the truth was you were gone.

I held out hope that days and months that passed would make the pain fade,

But no such luck as touched me.

I sit here feeling so empty so vulnerable, and listen to the heart beat of memories past.

I feel the tempered sword of wanting, so cold is its blade.

I know the others miss you as do I.

But could they ever truly know what you meant to me, how it felt when you left.

Autumn hath come and gone, and winters once sharp teeth now dulling into the brambles of spring.

Yet the pain and longing I feel never cease.

What can one do to make the passing of one easier.

I can try to describe what I feel and how I long for days past but it would hold no edge to what I feel.

What I can say and always remember is that I am missing you.



Dedicated to my brother Justin, who in his passing left many hearts longing for him.

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