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After his sports-mate cheats in a match, the cheater is called upon to save his house.

Submitted: September 04, 2018

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Submitted: September 04, 2018



Two chums bounced their fists in a friendly way and prepared to enter the oval.

‘May we be friends forever. Whatever happens our match will be a cool one,’ Ned says.

‘You imagine a game we could forget in a few weeks would mess up our friendship?’ said Adison.

The two men were on opposite teams for the cricket match, the English sport. As the two teams walked on the grassy pitch, the crowd roared enveloped in delight, the announcer over loudspeaker made comments as the game progressed.

A ball bowled, a batsman out. The match continued a short time. Adison claimed five wickets. The day’s play concluded, the teams and others of note assemble on the field, award presentations were underway.  The atmosphere is chilled by officials rushing forward to accuse Adison, a fresh trophy recipient, of ball tampering. The game is played by a bowler tossing a ball at a batsman.

As proof disclose a confession from the co-conspirator who tampered for him. Ned defends but the officials are adamant. He goes so far as to say if his friend denies it he will believe – doesn’t happen.

Ned grabbed the man’s collar, ‘Why?’

Henceforth thrown off the squad and sent home. He missed cricket, unable to stand cooped inside a house.

Time passed, as climate had it the bush dry from a blazing sun and set alight, rapidly intensifying.

Ned’s wife saw the conflagration approaching their house. Unwilling to just leave, phoned Ned. He playing a match took the phone from the official. Horrified he began to rush to his distant home. Along the way lost contact with her. Next she called the authorities, should’ve called them first, as they are far and needed time to arrive.

Adison is in his abode when the phone rang. The wife informed him of the flames asking him over. He found himself using a garden hose to spray the house to OK effect. Much time was spent on this task. Ned finally came joined by team members, man and wife barely embraced before a bucket brigade forms, both teams working hand in hand.

Adison’s efforts caused Ned to think of the ex-playmate’s selfless deed. A sport can break friendships but adversity can mend them.


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