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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: dreamscape

Teen mystery. Beta-jean and Saracen investigate an island. Will it lead to more than bargained for?
Words 1250.

Day belongs to the night. A speed boat cuts quickly through the water under full moon’s light. At the wheel a young man, Saracen. Blond curly, short hair, blue eyes, eighteen years old, one hundred and fifty pounds.


For a passenger next to him an equally aged girl with an attractive look. Black, curly, long hair, brown eyes.


They were nearing a small island that had a large hill, on top a bright, uninterrupted light shone. The two in the boat a mile away could see it directly in front of them. The young man baffled as his friend asked, ‘Why is the light on that hill shining? I think that light’s shining from an old flight control centre shut down years ago.’


Beta-jean, ‘Beats me Saracen, they could have restarted it.’ He replied disbelievingly, ‘Without say letting the public know? Feels off center.’


The young lady strained an ear, putting the right hand to it to get more. After a moment. ‘Hear that Saracen?’

‘Hear what Beta?’ but right after said he does hear something. ‘Picked something up over my engine noise Beta? Sounds like an airplane. A propeller type one.’


Jean is looking behind herself, shifting in the seat, gaze at whatever the approaching small and white unknown was. ‘Look at that light behind us, it seems to be coming from the airplane.’ She made up her mind what it was.


Saracen did, seeing the light, he said in alarm, ‘It seems to be heading right for us.’ The light came closer, the sound louder. The youths inside the boat ducked as the noise became even louder, the plane flew over the boat.


After it passed, Beta, ‘Like he never saw us. Wow that definitely was a plane.’

‘Yeah, and its heading toward that flight control tower.’ Adding, ‘We’re pretty close to that island, less than a mile. I say we go there and investigate.’

Beta concerned, ‘We’re a couple of friends taking a drive in your boat. I didn’t come to get in danger. Can’t we just call authorities?’

‘You forgot Beta there is no radio on this boat. I’ll anchor off shore from the beach.’

‘At least one of us is making decisions.’ Soft sarcasm.


Saracen slowed the craft down near the beach. Concerned she asked, ‘What do we use for weapons?’

‘Since I brought none, we’ll have to take along my penlight and penknife.’

Engine off, they cautiously wade into the chilly water. Soon were on the beach, from there cannot see the flight control tower. A long climb lay ahead.


Moonlight lends to their vision. The unused penlight more a hope never to use weapon.


Soon after made it. Breaths panting, stand on the hilltop and look around them. No one to scare them off their conquest.


The destination to the front. The control centre in apparently bad condition from the outside. Saracen turned right and both shocked. There were numerous lightbulbs as far what could be seen.


A runway’s row of lights.


Jean surprised asked, ‘What happened to this hill? What is a runway doing here?’ A plane that low overhead was dropping for a landing.

Her companion suspicious, ‘I don’t know yet. Let’s check the centre out.’


They walked further, the tower extending high above their heads. Coming to a door in back, entered with penlight on. The outside condition is no guarantee the inside would not defy expectations.


Saracen shocked, ‘All the equipment’s brand new. Let’s check down the runway.’ Surely had a role guiding a plane. To what end? They left, closing the door behind them.


Their continued presence signalled more answers wanted. The runway discovered is a short one. It ended at a part of the hill not cleared. There stands a building. In front the two was a very high, very wide door guarding access.


Saracen knocked on it and discovered it was made of steel. A search found an opening mechanism. ‘Here we go,’ he says daring the unknown.


The penlight a comfort in the partial darkness. The sense of sight has company in that the nose picked up the scent of…coffee. Noses said wafted from the numerous crates they walk past.


A noise.


Tapped on the arm by Beta, the light is off. The two chance a peek round the corner.


A Latino man, five foot two inches tall and thick bodied. Talking to the pilots of the of the twin engine turbo prop.


You don’t see me, I don’t you. The young people quietly backtrack. But the girl originally hesitant to even come here, has a sudden subdued, but present boldness to open a crate, ‘Coffee they really smuggling?’ she whispers. Who smuggles what so easy to get legal? Opening with Saracen’s help, expectedly see the beans. Dipping her hand deep discovers what made Beta gasp…


Police called and surprise the elephant ivory tusk smuggling operation.


Author’s note – with time on my hands typing some old stories in coming days. Hand wrote back in the 1990’s for English class. Names Samantha and David substituted and other detail changed, inserted most of my teacher’s correction, small stuff. Smuggled cocaine replaced by something lighter, just as well, vibes of a teen mystery. The Hardy Boys remains in my collection.

24 years, one month ago teacher scored 18/25.

Date - 6 April 2020

Submitted: April 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 dreamscriber. All rights reserved.

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