Black vs Blue - Main Story #2

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More Black vs Blue Present Stories! The Main in the title means its not a prequel, its a present. So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy.

Submitted: December 17, 2016

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Submitted: December 17, 2016



Ah, Black vs Blue. My current job. So we're back with a present storyline...well..story! So yesterday i introduced the Teammates, but here's whats going on now. Have fun!


Leutenant walked out of his vehicle and continued to walk to the red base, then taped Garfunkle's shoulder and said very loudly, "The blues are doing something sinister over there! I just know it!" Then Simon slammed the door down walking over to them. "How can they be doing ANYTHING? They haven't done anything since we got here! Trainwreck is a retard and Ticker just uses his time making bombs that he never uses!" Leutenant responded with, "What about they're leader! Whats his name, Churchhill? He's the only one with common sense, what about him?!" Simon looked at the leader for a short while then back at the Leutenant, "Huh, I guess he might be, But he mostly just talks about that old project uh..Dreamscade, right? He just talks about the past." Garfunkle looked at the two and saw they were pre occupied, so he left and went to his room where there were a bowl of chips and cookies, a huge soda which no one really knows where it came from, and the only tv with a signal in the canyon. Leutenant finished the conversation and then walked over to look for Cayin. Turnrug, Jeff, and Jack had gone on a small exploratory mission to salvage supplies that some operation left behind. A yell could be heard from the blue base, and out came the leader, Churchhill. Churchhill yelled for Trainwreck and out he came, yelling "Yesss? Yess?? Oh! Did the compoter say sumthing to me? COMPOTER!!! I AM COMING!!" Churchhill rolled his eyes and looked at him. "No Train, I want you to go over to the Black base and take a look at what they are doing." Trainwreck responded with a simple "okay," and took a sniper rifle that Churchhill emptied, so Trainwreck could use the scope, then he procided to go up the mountain and use it to look at the other base. Meanwhile, Churchhill went to Ticker and requested him to make a special bomb. Ticker accepted and went to work, So Churchhill walked back into the base to continue his own work. 

You're probably wondering what Jeff and Jack are doing now, so let's go ahead and take a look at that. 


Out at the mountains and into the caves, Jeff and Jack were looking at crates and robot peices, throwing items into the truck that the Leutenant gave them to bring stuff back. Jack looked at jeff and then at the truck seeing they almost filled it up, with tons of old weapons and old armor and robots, then saying to Jeff, "How much old crap did Leutenant want this time?" Jeff looked at Jack and responded with, "He wanted a truckload. I think we're done." Jack looked back at Jack and said "One more thing. Help me out." The two then loaded a massive scope looking gun into it and then drove back to Black base.

Now, wasnt that fun? so anyway, thats all for today. Have fun with this, and ill be working back on it later. Thats all for now, Adios. 








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