Black vs Blue -Out of Context Story- How to make Enemies - by Trainwreck

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Trainwreck talks about how to make enemies.

Submitted: December 19, 2016

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Submitted: December 19, 2016



Hola Amigos! So, Box Canyon Crevice! The Blacks and Blues! Today we're going to talk abo-




Wha-'d you get here?


Oh i used the door..


You used the door....There's a this area? this little pocket out of everything where I sit to write stories. There's a door?


Oh yeah it was right by the bathroom next to the smashed plate of muffins on the table.


I'm not even mad. Call me impressed.


Thank you.


So you had something to talk about?


Oh! yeah, um, can I?


Yeah, the floor's yours.


Um...okay. Hi there! My name is Trainreck. I'm 10. Well, my body is 20 but im actually 10. So, I think i'll just start off by saying what im doing in this realm. Well you see i'm the only one in this story who knows that they're In a story. Churchhill and Ticker and Leutenant and...cayin, they all think it's real, but it's just a story. My name is Train...oh wait I said that already...What was I talking about?! Oh, yeah, So I joined the army on accident, I was going to sign up for a bingo game and I signed up for the military...yeah...Um, so before that I don''t really know..maybe if I remember ill talk about it again. Maybe Dream or Nightteller might tell you. One time though I rememberd that I got robbed when I was walking by a wasn't fun. But it wasn't bad either. If i didn't get robbed i wouldn't have gone into the army, and I wouldn't have met Churchhill! churchhil is my friend...but he doesn't like me.. Umm..So...Anyway, My mind is pretty messed up...some people made it that way...but then I also made it that way. Um, so that's me..But I wanted to talk about Enemies and Friends. friends are people that love you, but in a Friendly way. Sometimes those friends can be hurt, and sometimes, those friends die. But I always remember that no matter how many friends I lose, I can always make more. But, more to the point, are Enemies.


Enemies are people that hate you. Everyone has enemies. I have enemies! The Blacks have Enemies! EVEN CHURCHHILL HAS ENEMIES!!! I didn't use to have any enemies though..when I forgot them..A long time ago. Enemies can be made easier then friends. Sometimes those Enemeis can be made friends. but that's not easy. Enemies are people that hate you, that want to see you die. And that's not nice. Sometimes enemies just say mean things, but other times, Enemies do REALLY bad killing...and stealing. and Terrorism. When that happens, you have to get rid of the enemies, even if it means killing them! But, try not to do that all the time. Try to make them nice,  even if it means they won't like you. 


So more about me, uh...I don't really remember much, but here's what I do, 


I was born in a building called Building 66. That building was big. My dad and mom loved each other, and they raised me like a normal child. They called me Trainengine because I always moved, but then, someone blew up the building. My parents didn't make it. Then, Someone found me. The person who found me was my brother Steven. Steaven didn't really like me, but he couldn't do anything. He had to raise me in Building 67. Then, he helped me grow. I liked to play role playing games because It let me be someone I wasn't, then i followed my dad's advice. Always be a gentlemen. One day, I was being that, and someone hit me in the head. With a brick. Then with a sign. And then a rock. And then wood. And then he dragged me to an ally. Then more guys came. Then they all hit me. My head hurt alot. Then, I woke up the next morning and forgot everything about my life. Then I wanted to play Bingo, and I accidently signed up for the Army.Then I had 3 adventures. Then now, I'm talking to you all. Yay. So, like I said. Enemies are bad, friends are good. But we can all maek more. Yay.


Now, That was a lot of information, so read it twice to be sure. Hey, Grey Guy!




I is done.


Oh, then have some fun. Back down to you're canyon you go.




Ah, now that was fun. So, yeah, Seems like Trainwreck is the only one who knows how to get here. Huh. There he goes. Anyway, Dream will write more Main Story when he's not busy. Bye.

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