Project Dreamscade - Episode 3 - Mission 8.1902.

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Mission 8.1902. A mission that Agent Dream and Mettle had for themselves, ALONE. The mission of destroying an old Dreamscade Facility that held compromised weapons that The enemy had found out. Objective, Destroy the Facility and anything residing in it before the Disintegraties find it.

Submitted: January 12, 2017

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Submitted: January 11, 2017



"Agent Mettle, Agent Dream, Agent Electrite, please report to my desk." Five minutes later the three agents were sitting in the Dierector's room. "It is time for Mission 8.1902. When we made this mission it was ment for Agent Dream and Mettle, But I have thought, and it seems Electrite could be useful here. Electrite, Agent Dream will be leading this mission. Mettle will be explosives and distractions. Electrite, you are stealth. Agent Dream, will be the one to destroy it. Now, the Pelican transporting you is a Suicide Pelican in the case that you fail to destroy it, the Pelican will set itself to explode, then rest in the facility. You three can then pick up the remaints and destroy them. Go to Bay Infinity for it. Infinity is a new bay, It was granted the ability to reguvinate anything it lost instantaneously. Thats how we got the Suicide Pelicans. Now, you leave at 0200. Grab anything recquired. Now, the Destructies have not found it, so bring the most you can. No limits, Now, I will see you when the mission is dealt with. By the way, the AI you'll be using today will be a new one, Omega. He has an appetite for destruction."


The three agents left, got supplies from they're lockers and got into the Transport vehicle, then the driver drove them to the bay. "Hey Electrite, what did you grab?" "Everything in my flipping locker. What about you Mettle?""My voice AI can create any weapon I recquire." "Huh. Well, Let's go. " The three agents climbed into the Predator, and they flew to the storage facility. The Pelican dropped the agents, and then dropped a tank, a mantis, and a Wraith on the ground. They all looked at the wraith and in unison, called "Dibs." Eventually, Mettle got the wraith, Electrite got the mantis, and Dream got the tank. About two minutes later, they all had caused a signifigant ammount of damage. The only thing left to destroy was a Warehouse with all of the technology, and they had to destroy it. But the issue, was that they ran out of ammo with the vehicles, and they could see Destructies coming from the skys. "OH CRAP! BOOK IT INTO THE WAREHOUSE!" They all ran in, and hid so the Destructies couldn't see it. Dream had to think for a bit, then he got a plan. "Mettle, go distract them! Electrite, go over to that stack of explosive barrels and set them up everywhere, and call Center to get extraction soon! I'm going to go find the core under this Facility and set it to blow, when I tell you two to Go, steal one of the Destructie's ships and get the crap out of here! Don't worry about me, now go set up those barrels." Mettle booked it outside and threw a couple of grenades, and had Reginerous spawn him a launcher, and the Destructies were all occupied.Electrite set up the barrels in every place he could, and waited for Dream.Dream booked it down to the core, and looked at it. The AI popped up. "You know you wont survive this right?""Yes, I do. But this mission is more important. I want you to erase my Armor logs and self destruct it if I don't make it.""I'm not authorized for that.""You are now. Get ready.""Ready."Dream told the Two agents to book it, and the two jumped into the ocean, and waited for the explosion. Dream jumped onto one of the metal levitating holisters and jumped at the Core, priming a Incineration grade. It blew up at the core, and the core self imploded. A huge explosion blew, and the Destructies were all destroyed, and Dream disappeared. A teleportation grenade also exploded, and Dream disappeared. Mettle and Electrite were picked up later and the two looked at each other."Well...This is bad."

Over somewhere far from the Dreamscade Ship, the Agent got up and looked at a medium sized, but heavily armored man, with Orange and silver armor, with a double bladed Authyminum blade. "Hello. I am the Watcher Primeman.  My creator demans that You, Agent Quartsite, and Mettle, do not die. So, you will be kept here."

Over at the Dreamscade Ship, The Dierector looked at the three agents. "With the disappearance of Agent Dream, Agent Electrite is now the leader. Agent Mettle, take Quartsite and go to search for Agent Dream. Electrite, You go and talk to Bronze,Iron,Scade and Levita. the other three agents are busy. Talk to the other four about you're promotion and the death of Dream. Dismissed." 

Quartsite and Mettle stepped into the teleporter, but the two were misdirected by the Watcher taking them. "Hello. You two are also very important."

The two agents were dismissed KIA five days later. Then, the Dierector called Agent Bronze to go and find those two.Yet again the Watcher took Bronze. His creator recquired those four agents later.Iron, Scade, Levita, and Electrite were the only four Agents not claimed by the Watcher. 


4/5 will be released in a few weeks. The next Episode will be BIG.

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