Guilt Runs

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A short two stanza poem, of simplicity, but intends to grasp readers, emotionally. Guilt runs through people, but at the same time, we try to carry remorse within ourslevs. Hoping that we can try to make things better. Sometimes when we try to speak out about our emotions, we are silenced by fear. Hope this simple and direct peom of honesty, touches you in various ways. Whether itd be bad or good.

Submitted: December 20, 2010

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Submitted: December 20, 2010



Guilt Runs

I speak no one listens

my heart sinks with guilt.

What is yet to come,

I still ponder anxiously

Im guilty because I blame others

I accuse but I dont want to abuse

Im remorseful, gulilt runs through me.

Like a tidle wave washing over my


Hoping not be silenced by others, their

ignorance, and uncertainty makes them

guilty of who they are. And what they

are meant to be.

Do not judge me, do not comprehend me.

Guilt is like a treasure that can only

test your feelings about your actions.

As I am judged for what I think, do

and believe. Should I be guilty, because

I differ from them?

Maybe it can be guilt that runs

through them, to be taught and think

a certain way. As their guilt runs

through them like fire.

Let them be judged from their loved ones,

let them be judged from their aquaintences.

But not those who are seen like strange

creatures from another planet.

No one should be guilty

other than the guilt that

runs like hell.

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