The Final Chapter

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The first part of a two part series based in a world killed by the sun. But a deeper darker secret is imbedded in religious texts, and ancient stone tablets referring to how it actually happened, and why.

Submitted: February 02, 2017

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Submitted: February 02, 2017



The Final Chapter


It all began on the day of the dead. The day where everything went wrong on Earth, and led humanity to the brink of collapse, teetering on the edge of a bloody end. It was like every normal day, morning coffee, brisk cool air from the ending winter slipping its deadly fingers through any crack it could find. Little did the world know that the cold wouldn’t last any longer, and that the time would come...soon. I made my way up to work, on a bike, slowly rolling through a slushy, bog-like terrain caused by the Co2 these damn cars produce. Like any other day, work was slow. Then something on the news caught my eye, and so did it to many others. People at nasa show a dying star in action, a plume of extreme heat, extravagant and beautiful, with arches of boiling plasma whipping out into space, then all at once crushing itself inwards. But off the side of the screen was a large whip of light coming from the now dead star. People gasp in amazement, I smile. As a kid the stars always had called me, I had dreams of exploring them to the furthest reaches. Making wormholes and voyaging to alien worlds where life could exist. Which brings me to the thought of life, what was our purpose, soon we were going to find out.

Ch.2 The Light Show


When I had returned home, I plopped down onto my soft plush chair and sighed. I reached for the remote and turned on my TV. Of course, more news about the dying star. They were all watching it over and over again, speculating it as if it were American Idol, and the star sang a song. Then a national warning interrupted the news, a direct message from our president. “Good evening my fellow Americans, as you know we have caught footage of a dying star, I warn you, though, this star was located only 200,000 light years away, the last array of Gamma Plasma sent out from the star is approaching Earth, do not be alarmed, nasa is working to contain the blast, please enjoy the light show God is giving us, and may we pray that we remain safe.”

There was a certain uncertainty in his voice, and he wasn’t doing very well hiding emotions, his speech went on and on, I toned it out because sirens alarmed, and low and behold the sky was literally lit up, glaring white streaks lit up the sky like an LED light. Not at all like an aurora, the ground shook. People started screaming, and ran from their houses, and still the alarms blared, nearly drowning out the crowd's screams. Police came and tried to retain the peace, but it was as if people lost themselves. My door burst open and a fireman came in, “come on we need to move, Now!”This was all he had said, grabbing my arm and dragging me into a large truck filled with at least 20 others. That’s all I remember, driving really fast hitting bumps, and the light growing extremely larger… then there was blackness.


Ch.3 The Final Chapter


I woke up covered in blood, and corpses. It stunk so bad I vomited. Getting up off the ground, every muscle in my body was sore, my legs cracked, and my skin stung as some of it was peeled off and scraped. That wasn’t as bad as what I saw, rubble….for miles rubble. It was hot, and already I was sweating. In the distance I saw the truck I had entered the night before, or two nights, three? How long have I been asleep? The truck was destroyed, the paint was burnt and the drivers were just partially covered skeletons, which indeed were burned. My mind frantic I started panting from thirst, and fear. I moaned as I dropped to my knees, and cried like a coward. Then again everything went black.

I woke up to voices and a light above my head. “He’s waking up”

“Gas him”

I then was knocked out...

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