Felt the Warmth!

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This is my story - just a memoir , its actually that ' he was sitting beside me , I donlt know him nor I have seen his face , but felt the warmth ,the feeling :-)

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okay! It starts like --- huh!

A day before the actual incident -- The day was as usual the boring & tiring for as it has ever been for me , - a teenage girl , student of 10th standard, living in an overcrowded city of India . But that day my years caught some female chattering of their future wanted perfect life partners, just a thout came ' how would I want him to be?' some thouts wandered as 'HIM : has to generous ,kind, frank,etc' & all that kind of stuff-huh! That night ,for the first time he came in my dream . He was the HIM ( & yet I hadn't seen his face in my dream or simply i couldn't remember) but I know he was the Him. In my dream :::--- I was sitting in a train by the window & sobbing , tears were flowing on my cheeks , i donno why but it was hurting deeply in my heart . Then I saw someone sitting beside me , then I remembered that it was my soulmate , & he was going on a dangerous quest or something risking his life , & that was the reason I was crying. He reached to my hand & grabbed it, just soon I jumped myself into his arms & started sobbing hard into his chest. He consoled me & promised me that he would return , as he held me in his arms by one hand & took my hand in other ,just near to his heart , I felt the greatest comfort & warmth for the first time , & i was convinced of his love & he would return to me. JUST then I WOKE UP -- & found myself staring at the full moon surrounded by clouds & gust of chill winds passed by my body giving me a sharp shiver down my nerve.!! Actually i was sleeping on the terrace of my house , & found the time to be 3 at night. I thought about the dream , it was one of a kind for me. Tried to think of it as 'just a dream ' fell asleep soon.

The day::::-- The whole school thing happened & today I felt more tired than ever! My home was a bit far from my school, nearly 20kms ( remember i'm living in an Indian city where good schools are mostly rare to be found near our houses especially in an average city --- or it was my badluck i don't know! ) I had to travel for a long 40 mins of Bus transport to reach my nearest from home bus stop . I went to the central bus station near my school just to wait for another 15 mins to arrive my bus . ' oh ! Why this place is so crowded??!! I just wish I could get a seat for myself in the bus' the thought that always lingers in my mind. the cherry on the top was - I had no friends on my way to home, they all just live in the other way!! the scorching sun was harrassing us in the noon time , all the girls & even few boys had covered their faces by a any piece of cloth to save our delicate skin. I had covered my head & face with a stole and hands by long hand gloves, revealing only my eyes. Finally the bus arrived & we all rushed to get there as fast as ,to get a seat for ourselves, but the thing here is : if any one of the friend of a group gets inside , he occupies & saves the most available place for his friends wherever he can . & due to lack of friends for that time i could only wish to have a seat spared for me!

Finally I got into the bus & searched for a spared seat, To my surprise I got one but in last row , but ,whatever, it feels like heaven when found a seat after a tirey day , as I don't have to stand along all my journey ! 'There's a bag in the seat beside me, a college student's bag' I thought as I took my seat. 'i just wish it belongs to a girl' - thought this as I was ,being a shy Indian girl , & also because I hate guys who flirted & boasted about their silly things to their friends just to impress a girl.

Few seconds passed & I felt someone coming there & stood their looking at me. I looked up & saw a tall man with blue jeans , grey T-shirt & a black jacket , having his face covered with tied handkerchief & a cap on his head, revealing only his eyes - which were staring into mine at that time. Quickly I lowered my gaze ,which lasted few moments, & even he understood I was annoyed at his gaze. \" uh! That's my bag, uh.. my seat \" a manly voice came ( of him ) . \" uh! OK !\" I spoke giving him a puzzled look. He stayed there , a foot back.I was literally Confused , bcoz , as I know , in my city college boys rush to their seats even if girls had their hands or legs there in between the way , only to get a chance to touch them (so cheap ! i know) But this guy ,uh, just stood there . \" are both these seats occupied by you? if so then I can get up.\" I asked , wishing if only i could hold onto this seat as i had no energy left in my legs to stand & wait for other seat to get emptied. \" uh! No ! Its.. Just one for me.\" he spoke shyly . \" Ok ! then , sit\" I said by moving my legs outside the way to enter to his seat ( as I was sitting on the outer side seat near the central way to all seats & his seat was on inside, near the window) It seemed he was surprised or shocked by my gesture , as he stared at me with his dark black eyes to dive in , as he took his place beside me. He sat there & the bus started moving. He waved & called out some of his friends nearby to acknowledge them that he was here. Few of them even boasted & said few of the things just to tease him as he was sitting beside a girl- that was me ! I acted as I heard nothing . But the thing was He didn't laughed or chuckled unlike his friends, which I thought weird or a new thing ,as i have seen in my so far life , no one behaved as him. I kept myself comfortable by resting my back onto the back cushion, I was feeling so tired at that time that I didn't felt that I was feeling comfortable sitting beside a guy , which i never have been. I always used to sit in an uncomfortable manner beside a guy in my bus journey, keeping myself at distance ,sometimes making the distance by keeping my bag in between whenever that boy tries to be creepy. But here I was today, sitting beside this guy comfortably, even when my arm & my leg were touching his! It's a bit different & weird when I think about it now. Soon the ticket checker ( The Bus Conductor ) came to us & asked for our tickets , we said \"Pass\" simulteneously. He asked for our ID's & we both took out the same from our pockets. It seemed that he was taking glances at me , but I limited my view to his hands , & tried not to stare at them. The checker took our ID's one by one & examined & jokingly said to us \" oh! you people nowadays, hide their faces in the name of scorching sun, can't recognize you even with an ID. Even the boys, nowadays hide their faces like girls, looks like a team of terrorist sitting here !! \" and Everyone bursted out laughing seeing both of us , & even we both laughed & chuckled , & saw each other right in the eyes at the same time. And I thought Everything stopped at that moment, quickly I lowered my eyes feeling blushed , & even he moved his head. I think even he blushed but couldn't recognize as his face was covered .

A few minutes later, everyone on the other seats took their ipods & mobile phones to pass the time , play games & also play some 'so called ' latest & cooolll songs ,only to boast their coolness. Even he took out his mobile phone & browsed on it . I started feeling drowsy & sleepy , but i can't sleep otherwise i would miss my stop, or before that , i would sleep on the shoulder of that guy beside me ( as i was feeling so comfortable there). I thought I should read something instead to keep me busy, then I realized I had forgotten my english textbook to bring with me. ' what should I read know?' I thought to myself ' may be biology? Uh! It's so boring , i will fall asleep with that' then i remembered that i have a maths test tomorrow , so ,to save my time at home , I took out my maths text book started studying the Theorems in it. I donno what came across His mind but as He saw me reading a text book & that too of a Mathematics , , , he put his mobile back in his pocket & took out his own text book started reading it . That AMAZED me A LOT ! He was the first ever guy I have seen , or even heard of , reading a book ,or seriously a TEXTBOOK , of their syllabus, in the bus i've ever known. I just can't resist smiling widely , at this action of HIS. & literally it just proved that , this guy was watching me ,my steps & even following me ! For the first time, I wished that my journey should last more than it 's actual timings. I was just feeling joyous, feeling important , admired by someone, & like small butterflies flying inside my stomach & whole body. :-) It didn't last for too long as I came to know that my bus stop was nearby & i have to hurry to the door. That was the first time as i felt that my journey is a short one , not too long. I packed my bag & struggled to get up, i knew he was looking at me by the corner of his eye.

Then came the sudden FEELING to me ;

A SUDDEN GUST OF WIND SHIVERED MY BODY AS I STOOD UP FROM BESIDE HIM, it made me think of the DREAM i got on the previous night.

SUDDENLY ,IT SEEMED AS I FELT THE WARMTH BESIDE HIM ( the bus guy ) ,SAME AS THAT OF HIM IN MY DREAM - THE WARMTH THAT WAS FELT BESIDE MY SOULMATE IN THE DREAM \" THE DREAM \" I whispered almost to myself. I was surprised & shocked both at the same time, i was unable to move myself , but the seemed in a hurry , they even drew myself with them. ' The Dream ! The exact feeling , the exact Warmth ' I thought to myself ' how can it be possible ? Can he be ? Nno..no '. I was distracted out of my thoughts, by the sudden movement of the brakes? I felt an Urge from my heart to turn back & see him , to dive in his melting black eyes, to see if even he is looking at me , to make a promise by eyes to meet him again , but I was failed to see him because of that nasty crowd, I stepped out if the bus tried to peek inside , but unfortunately he was sitting on the other side of the bus , & couldn't even reach there as the bus started moving away , & left me behind.

A constant smile was formed on my lips, I never feel sad or regret for not able to see him for the last time , ( as I never saw him again , neither in the bus nor in the bus stop, or I think , if HE may have passed by I didn't recognized him).


BUT ONE THING FOR SURE, I CAN NEVER FORGET THE WARMTH FELT BY ME , BY SITTING BESIDES HIM . The way i felt comfortable with him besides me is uncomparable, the one thing which I will always remember is that I FELT THE WARMTH from him , & even it's thought makes me smile.

4 years have been passed, now I live in a different city , far from that one, I just make one wish ,whenever I remember of it :- :-) 'If only I could see him or meet him somewhere, or just he may walk in my life as my mate ( soulmate ), - or I just get THAT warmth & feeling from my real soulmate ' , that i felt from him, without seeing his face , without actually touching , without talking to him , or without looking at him ,,, just the presence , just the feeling of ;


Submitted: February 28, 2014

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