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A trip through the cosmos

Submitted: August 13, 2015

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Submitted: August 13, 2015




The willfulness of a person to understand them selves is like a person understanding the entire uvieverse and I mean a human understanding is like Humans understanding the mind of an ant and saying  “now does the ant like to eat food or does it just die off when the jobs done? “.

Well we can’t have that kind of perplex to confound our society.  We are a small analytical race that focuses on our own unique universe in Our Heads and how sexually attractive or ugly we are to one another which so this is probably why I dress rather sparce with wrags as cloths . Its hazardous and the barbaric behavior we exihibit through out the world is directly relateded to the societies we live in. We think we are number  one and were gonna always be that way. But theres more going on than that there’s everything around each of you that your aware of and that much more of everything around you that you aren’t aware of. I know you and every one of you want power and to be better than your neighbor but you cant be that way. The world is huge the universe infinitly much more than that.


Even if the universe around us weighs nothing and weighs the hottest issue. Because everything around us is built by layers of matter that couldn’t have any actual weight or we would feel the pressure of the other realitys around us. If as I would imagine is what dark matte truly is. Which is the influence we can’t measure (yet). Be it from a cell to Three- Demensional to the forth being time and the two being space time and so on. Those may be those multi demenisonal ways that a person can warp and jump through hyperspace which is just the same as another realm of existence or layers between exist so do I image and can travel. . any where I please.  

When I travel my eniratiy: Spirit, mind and body is squeezed through the admoralitys that are around us everyday. I Squeeze and pinch my way through the crevises of the multiuniversal translations. Its like pinching your fingers through a vice or squeezed in a door and hurts amazingly so. But its over in a flash and your in a new place to stir about in.

All this energy is consumed through tunnels and adnormalitys in those cylindrical tunnels connecting each Plane by way of a funneled entrance to its cylindrical tunnels and the equal distribution of gravital matter compression and release so that those Planes are also recycling matter through the different layers of existence. Just as in Stargate we can mimic this process through technical means and am able to travel through warp-space-time.



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