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This poem tells a deep insight of a depressed child who want to step up and rage a war against all who tries to defy him!

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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Submitted: April 08, 2012






Beware of my presence for it can hurt you,

Throw me in dump cause I'm  a broken shoe,

I'm that soil on which nothing ever grew,

It's fear of fall that I never flew ?


I'm a broken verse that is never complete,

 I've got hatred and ill feelings to greet,

My brain always provokes me to build up some heat !

but I always found myself caught under the feat.


Now I'll not be disgraces anymore,

The world looks upto me is what I'll assure,

I'll be the currency not easy to afford ,

I'll vanish the pain which I had Endured !


I'll build up the strength to get over this strain,

Now all these haters I'll tame,

I fear nothing even though I'm alone in the lane, 

I've got no option left than to go Insane !


By the Break of dawn, a new day will appear,

I'll show my other side from whom you'll fear !

I'll crush you out if you come near ,

I'll show no mercy even if you bleed your tears

I'm a dead soul and I'll make it clear!

From my mind some voices I hear,

From the day you left me with darkness to wear.


You buried me coldness down and deep ,

You treated me like I was a garbage heap,

You left me alone thinking I'll weep ?

What you've sown now you'll reap,

I'll show you that you was just a creep,

I thought you gold and you came out so cheap

It's time for history to get reframed,

I'm leaving out cause I've enough of your game,

I'm sick of everything and I'll never be the same,

I've got no option left than to go Insane !


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