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In this story, love comes in a weird way. Because in this story, a teenage boy makes love with someone who is a crop thief.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



Accidentally in love

By Andrew Mosher


It all started at my house. His father was at work and his mother was working at her garden. Then bed time came. Then at 4:30am, I woke up to hear my mother scream bloody murder. My sister, my father, and I ran outside to see what the problem was. “My winning squash is gone! My biggest one too!” she yelled.


“Maybe it was just a raccoon. I mean, it’s just a squash.” My dad told her. “Just a squash! That squash was probably worth $500 cash. Whatever it was, I’m, putting up a barbwire fence.” Mom yelled. The others went inside to call the cops. But I got curios about the theft. I moved some plants aside and I saw a bare footprint. It looked like it was a size 9 wide. Then I got ready for school.

I met my friends at breakfast. “Hey guys.” I said. “What’s up Gary?” Patrick asked. “Well something happened this morning.” I said. “What was it?” Doug asked. “Yea, was that someone you know who screamed so loud?” Patrick asked. “Yea. That was my mother. Her winning squash was stolen.” I told my friends. “Wow! Do you know who did it?” Patrick asked. “No I don’t. But I’m going to find out tomorrow.” I replied. Then the bell rang.


Later after before bed, I set my camera on the window, pointing out the window towards the garden. I placed some cherry tomatoes on the ground in the garden. Then I went to bed. I woke up early to get the camera. It had ten minute left on the memory card. I synchronized it on my laptop and packed it for school. Then I grabbed my breakfast and lunch money and went to the bus stop.




My friends were sitting at the table, waiting to me. “Hey Gary! Did you get it?” Patrick asked. “I think so. I brought my laptop with the data on it. I’ll show you in free class so we don’t spill anything in it.” I said.


Later at free class… “Okay let’s see who’s behind this.” I said logging into my user. Then I opened the video. I fast forwarded it to 11:55pm. But nothing showed up. “Huh, I guess the person didn’t come.” I said logging off. “Are you sure it was human?” Doug asked. “Yea I’m sure. It looked like a 9 wide.” I said. “Well you can try again, right?” Doug asked. “I guess so.” I replied. Then the bell rang.


Then at 9:00pm that day, I put my camera back on the window cell, facing the garden. Then I went to bed. I woke up at 3:30am to see the camera. I fast forwarded it late at night to see a human figure going into the garden and taking the cherry tomatoes. I ran outside with the camera to see the footprints headed west into the woods. I recorded some bits and pieces of that. Then I got ready for school.


When I got in the cafeteria, my friends were waiting at the table, saving a seat for me. “Hey Gary! Did you get it this time?” Doug asked. “Oh yea I got it. I got it for sure.” I replied in excitement. “Let’s see it in free class.” Patrick suggested.


“Okay now. Let’s solve this mystery once and for all.” I said as I fast forwarded it to late at night. Then something showed up. It was a gruff figure. “Try zooming in.” Doug said. “Who is he? I can’t tell.” Patrick said. “Well I can’t really tell who is, but it’s not a he, it’s a she.” I said.


“Oh! Gary has a girlfriend!” They chanted. “WHAT! I don’t even know her!” “Gary has a girlfriend!” they chanted. “Fine! Be that way. I said in anger as I moved to an empty table. I did my chemistry project and my computer project alone.



Then I decided that night I would see the girl in person. So I got a flashlight and set out to go outside to see her at 1150pm. I went to bed early so I can see her late and get enough sleep. Then I came outside to find her in the garden. I flashed the light upon her. She looked at me for a second. Then she spoke. “Oh no.” she said in fear. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to rat you out. I just want to know why you took that squash.” I asked her. “Oh, I’m sorry. I needed it badly. If you came to my place you’d understand. My name is Lora Coseak.” She explained. “My name is Gary Mosses.” I said “Okay, I’ll see you then.


“I can come on a Monday because it’s Memorial Day. I’ll see you then.” I said. The next day was Memorial Day. I had a big cookout. It was fun because I pigged out. Then at night, I prepared to go to her place. I took my camera and I went outside. There she was, waiting for me. “Good timing. If we hurry, we’ll make good timing.” She said. We headed west and we jumped a few fences. Then we got to Train Forest. Then we got to a large area.

“Here we are.” She said. “Cool! Where do you sleep?” I asked. “In there.” She said pointing to an old van. “Can I take some pictures of the place?” I asked. “Sure.” She replied. I took some pictures of the seeds planted from the squash she stole and ate. I then took a few pictures of her van and the area. Then I headed home.


When I got home, mom was angry at me. “Where were you? I was worried sick.” She yelled. “I went to see the garden thief.” I told her. “WHAT! She squawked. “Look at the pictures. Maybe you’ll understand what she’s been through.” I told her. “There’s nothing to understand. If she steels crops, she might steel you! You’re grounded for a month!” she yelled.


I stomped downstairs to my room. That night I packed my bags and got my keys to my ATV. I drove to Train Forest. When I got there, I knocked on the van door. Lora answered.



“Hey Gary. What a surprise. I didn’t expect you to visit like this.” Lora said. “Yea. I ran from home because my mother doesn’t understand the reason I met you.” I told her. Well you can sleep in the passenger’s seat. The recliner lever is good.” She said. “Okay then. “Good night Lora.” I said.






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