Karate Bros. The ninja furry

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In this story, the Karate Crew got a call from the mayor saying that the local thugs are uniting with the Ninja Clan. Is Dr. Willison or Hammerhead behind this, or is just something new?

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



Karate Bros.

The furry of the ninjas

By Andrew Mosher


Combo Ninjas: Very slow. They often fight in groups. Dispite their speed, they pack heavy damge and lots of power.


Death Ninjas: These brutal, fast ninjas pack brutal damage in one hit. However they can easily be defeated. They often are found where you least expect them.


Sharpshooting Ninjas: These ninjas are the masters of blending in with their enviroments. They hide in old buildings or the treetops with rifles. Then they scope their enemies out and take them out.


Mega Ninjas: These ninjas can withstand heavy fires or heavily icy temperatures. They require a heavy packed hit to hurt these ninjas.



Red Wolves: This Gang is the second most popular gang in New York. They are often found in the junk yards and are armed with car parts. Their mostly armed with bumpers and iron baseball bats.


Hells Bandits: This gang is responcible for 92% of New York's robberies for stuff found in cars and pickup trucks. Over $1,123,754.00 worth of merchandice was stolen from the communitee by this gang.


Killer Hornets: This is New York's most popular gang in New York. They are responcible for 27 deaths and over 560 robberies in just one year.



It all started in the base. Donald and Randy were playing Gears of War on the 360. Frank was using the benchpress. Sarah was tinkering with some old, broken radios.


Then the phone rang. "I'll get it." Sarah said running to the phone. "Who is it." She asked. "Hi. It's the mayor. We are having some tough troubles with the Hells Bandits and the Death Ninjas. I need you guys to go and investigate the issue." The mayor said.


"Okay then, we'll do so." Sarah said as she hung up. "Okay guys, get your gear. We're going to do some investigating." Sarah said. "What seems to be happening?" Frank asked getting up.

"Well the town police are having some issues with the Hell's Bandits and the Death Ninjas. I have a feeling that their linking together." Sarah said. "That's imposible! We all know that the ninja clans and the local thugs dont get along at all." Donald said.


"Well, there's a first time for everything." Sarah said grabbing her bag and her machette. The others grabbed their gear and followed. They got in the Power Van and stopped near the canfy store, not far from a small allyway.


They then locked up the van and went down the ally. "Say Sarah. Do you really think that the Hell's Bandits and the Death Ninjas are uniting?" Frank asked. That must be the case. Unless you have a diferent solution to it." Sarah said.


Then they came to a fence. "Well then. We wont find them here." Donald said. Then three Hell's Bandits and four Death Ninjas came out from the exit.


"Now I'm positive that these two are uniting." Sarah said. "It's crime fighting time!" Randy yelled drawing his sword.


Sarah then pulled out her machette and Frank pulled out a iron baseball bat. "This is going to be a pleasure." Frank said. Then one Death Ninja pulled out a boomerang and threw it. It came right for Randy. "I hear New York is big on baseball. Well then get ready for a grand slam!" Randy said as the boomerang came his way. he then sliced it in half.


Then two Hell's Bandits and two Death ninjas approached them. One of Hell's Bandits was holding a lead pipe and the other was holding a wooden bat. Then one Death Ninja was holding a pick axe and the other was holding a ninja sword.




"You call them puny things weapons. I'll beat you senseless with a single driver's club." Frank said as he took out a big golf club. He then ran up to a Death Ninja. It attempted a dropkick. But Frank caught it and tossed the ninja into two of the Hell's Bandits. They didnt get up.


Then the last Death Ninja who was holding the pick axe ran up to Frank. But before the ninja could reach Frank, he slipped on a rock. "What a cluts." Frank said. Then the ninja tried to get up. But before he did, Frank slammed the head of his club into the ninja's skull, knocking him out cold. "Do you need a bedtime story?" He asked sarcastically.


"Good work, Frank!" Donald said. "It was easy." He responded. "But why would a local gang organization and a clan of ninja's work together?" Sarah asked them. "Good question." Frank asked. "I'm stumped." Randy said. "I have a feeling in my gut that Dr. Willison is somewhat behing this." Sarah said. "No doubt about it." Frank said. "Yea, I aggree." Donald said.


"So what do we do now?" Frank asked. "I guess we go back and wait for another call." Sarah said. "But we were told to investigate." Donald said. "How do we investigate with no evedence. Another call may give us more peices to the puzzle you know." Sarah said. And with that, thy drove back to the base.


They all went back to what they were doing. But it wasn't long until they got another call. Sarah answered it. Then she hung up. "Let me guess. It's another clan uniting with another local gang." Frank asked.


"Yes. Only this time it's the Combo Ninjas and the Killer Hornets." Sarah said. "WHAT! The Killer Hornets! Those guys don't play around." Frank said in astonishment. "Yea, only I think we'll approach this a different way. Donald, check the chopper's fuel tank." Sarah said.


And so Donald and Randy went in the chopper while Frank and Sarah went by foot to watch their every move. They all hooked up to a CB radio system.


"How is it down there." Donald asked Sarah. "I see them. Their writing on a peice of papper. I'll zoom in." Sarah said. She did so. "It... It looks like a contract of some kind." Sarah told Donald and Randy. "Wow! Thir signing a treaty." Donald said.


"Now their entering the abandon bank." Sarah said. Follow them. And don't get caught." Donald said. "And make sure you turn on you tracking device." Randy told them. And with that, they went in.

Then all the gang members and ninjas lined up in one single file line, facing the door. Then a familiar face came in. "Tutsogna! I should have known." Frank said. But what they didn't know is that they've been caught. They were escorted to the common area.


"Who are You?" Tutsongna asked. "That's for us to know and for you to find out. Who are you anyways, Stone Cold on the juice." Frank asked. Then a Combo ninja reached into Frank's pocket and took out his badge. "What! they're part of the Karate Bros. Kill them." Tutsongna demanded. They were tied up in the safe so that no oxygen could get in. "Good. Now you solders can see your real master, Dr. Willison." Tutsongna as they left.


However, Sarah was able to get hold of Donald and Randy over the CB radio. "Donald! Randy! We're in trouble. We've been caught." Sarah said. "Hey Donald, Track her down!" Randy demanded. He did so. "Their inside the bank somwhere." Donald said. "Yea but where?" Randy asked. "I dont know." Donald  replied. "Well then let's find them. Randy said as he parked the chopper ontop of the bank.


They Both went in. "They looked around a bit. How's the signal getting?" Donald asked. "It seems to be comming from the safe." Randy said. Donald knocked on the door. "Frank! Sarah! Are you in there?" Donald yelled knocking on the door.


"Thank goodness you're here. Get us out." Sarah screamed. "Hold on!" Donald yelled. he ran to the chopper, grabbed some explosives, came back, and put them on the door. "Okay. stand back!" Donald said. He then blew up the door. They were free. Randy untied the ropes and they then got in the chopper.


They then flew up. "Man, I can't seem to find out where they are now. "I think I know where." Frank said. "Yea, let's hear it." Donald said. They mentioned seeing Dr Willison as their major boss." Frank said. "Yea but where is his labratory?" Randy asked. "But how do we find it?" Sarah asked.


"I have an idea. Maybe if we set the orb of light as bait, we can track him down due to it's power." Frank said. "That's a briliant idea." Donald said.


They landed at the mayors office. "Hi there. How can I help you?" The mayor asked. "We need to borrow the orb of light." Randy said. "But why such a powerful item?" The mayor asked. "We cant find him and if we dont, this could be it for us." Sarah said. "Well here you go then. Do remember we need it back within 48 hours or the world will be in great chaos." The mayor said handing it over to them.


They then set it right in the abandoned bank. They then came to an appartment. They knocked on the door. "How may I help you?" This old lady asked opening the door. "We're the Karate Brothers. We need to use your appartment as a lookout for a crime scene. You're, not in any kind of trouble so dont worry." Donald said showing the lady his badge and the warrent.


"Well please come in. Would you like something to drink?" She asked. "No thank you." Donald said. They set up a scope, aimed at the bank.


It wasnt long until they saw them. "Alright guys. Let's move on out! Thank you miss." Frank said. "Any time." The lady replied.


Then they got in the chopper and followed the signal. It dint go far until it stopped at a place in the mountains. "That has to be it." Donald said. "Are you positive its not just a hiker camping out?" Randy asked. "I'm positive it's him." Donald said. They then hovered over the area. "You three go on and find Dr. Willison and try to stop him. I'll find a good place to park this thing." Donald said. And with that, they did so.


They then walked into a cave. Then a siren went off. Then a bunch of gang thugs and ninjas came their way. "It's crime fighting time!" Randy yelled pulling out his pistil. Sarah got her machette ready as Frank pulled out an iron bat.


Sarah went on fighting some thugs. She raised her machette and was ready to hit one. But a Sharpshooting ninja shot the machette out of her hands. Then Sarah was caught.


Frank took out his wooden bat. However, tons of Killer Hornet thugs came at him. But Frank swung like crazy. He knock out lots of the thugs. But then four of them came in with chainsaws. He swung at them, but one chopped his bat in half. he was caught. Randy was the only one left. He took out his pistil as six of Dr. Willison's robots came at him.


He shot at the robots with all his bullets. But they had no effect. He was caught too.


They were dangled by a rope above a garbage truck, ready to be crushed with the trash in it.



But right at the last moment, a ninja star came flying at the rope, cutting them free. "GET THEM!" Dr. Willison yelled in a fury.


Then Frank pulled out an iron bat. "Try slicing this you idiots." He said as took out the iron bat. Then those guys with chainsaws came again. Tough guy vs. dumb invertibrates, round two, ding." Frank said as they appraoched.


They reved the engines as they got closer. However, Frank hit their fingers, making them drop their chainsaws. He then knocked them all out cold with his bat. "Ha! Try doing that again." Frank said. Sarah then was surrounded by three Mega Ninjas. "Hey there pretty." They chuckled. "You'll regret that." She said. she said.


One then tried a drop kick on her. But she grabbed his foot and swung him at the two others, knocking them unconsous. Then Randy was fighting the robots agian. but he knew his pistil would do nothing. So he looked around. He then saw a robot carrier. He got in.


The two fought. Randy then puched the robot with the carrier's fist. It smashed it into peices.


Donald was then surrounded by seven Killer Hornet thugs. He pulled out his sword and went at it. Within seconds, they were all down.


Then Dr. Willison got in his hoverpod. He then flew toward them, trying to kil them. But when he went for Frank, he took out an iron bat and hit his hoverpod so bad, it wouldn't fly. Then he was put in cuffs and put in jail. The same went for the ninjas and thugs.






© Copyright 2018 Drew Mosher. All rights reserved.

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