Let's Check On Laration

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This story is a straight down humor story. Thanks to a persain cat, all the humor comes in. Because this cat Fluffy; does no more than eat, sleep, and lick her fur coat. In this story, Laration's mouse-friend's Uncle was obducted by aliens. And so the cats pursue the mouse and plan to rescue him. Will they live, or are they going to get obducted too. Find out.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



Let’s check on Laration

By Andrew Mosher


It all started at the Watson’s house. Mr. & Mrs. Watson then went to sleep. Laration went to sleep at the same time. She woke up at 3:00am because something was hitting him in the head. It appeared to be sheetrock. It was Snowball who was tossing sheetrock at Laration’s head.


“What is it Snowball? The heat is on your side of the house. What do you want?” Laration asked in an annoyed tone. Nothing much fuzz butt. Listen, My Uncle Larry moved in. He was hearing these weird noises next door.


He went there in search for some Swiss cheese but he didn’t return. He was gone for four days already. I’m kind of worried. I want you to find him tomorrow.” Snowball said. “Don’t worry. In the morning I’ll find your uncle, dead or alive, I will find him. But for now I must sleep.” Laration said.


In the morning, Laration woke up to hear some scratching on the door. It was Fluffy. “Come on! I’m starving! Let me in!” he said scratching on the glass door. “Go away! There’s no food.” Laration said. “Oh, come on. I’m starving!” Fluffy complained. “Oh alright. But you’re going to help me later on.” Laration said. Laration went into the bathroom and opened the window. Fluffy then got in.


“There are some baked beans on the kitchen counter that you can eat.” Laration said. “Hm. Cool!” Fluffy said climbing on the counter putting her face into the pot of baked beans. “You can eat all of it because its 7 months old & the Watsons were going to toss it, so you can eat all of it.” He said to Fluffy. “Gee, thanks.” Fluffy said taking her face out of the pot with bean sauce all over her face.


“So what do you want me to help you with, anyway?” Fluffy asked as she ate the beans. “Snowball’s Uncle Larry is stuck in the house next door and was missing. I need to get him back. “Wow. I heard a lot of weird stuff about that house. Maybe Monty would know more about it.” Fluffy said. “Well let’s go get him.” Laration said going out the door. “But wait! I haven’t finished my beans.” Fluffy said. “Forget the beans and let’s go.” Laration said leaving.

And so the two cats walked down to Monty’s house. “Well, here we are.” Fluffy said “He’s probably not here.” Laration said. “Maybe he’s fishing. It is near breakfast you know.” Fluffy said. Then a familiar voice spoke. “Nice try guys.” Bonny said. “Oh come on! We didn’t know we were on Crissy’s turf.” Laration said. “Too bad. You had your chance. Now you will pay the price!” Bonny said as she approached. The cats then started to run. Bonny chased them.


Then the cats got stuck. “It’s a dead end. Were done!” Fluffy said. Then Bonny slowly approached the cats as she drooled. Then a figure jumped on Bonny’s head, clawing her eyes. She thrashed wildly. Then she collapsed. The figure then gave off his identity as it approached the cats. “Don’t worry. I know where you sleep.” Bonny said limping away. “Yea, come back if you want dessert fuzz butt.” The figure said. It was Smokey.


“Hey guys. What brings you here?” Smokey asked. “Well we were looking for Monty, but he wasn’t home.” Laration said. “Oh he’s gone to the lake for breakfast.” Smokey said. “Well Snowball’s Uncle Larry is in the eerie house next door to me. He asked if I could find him.” Laration told Smokey. “Well then let’s go get him.” Smokey said. So the three cats went to the lake. They then saw Monty eating a Sunfish. 


“Hey Monty! What’s up lately?” Smokey asked. “Hey guys! What’s up?” Monty asked. “Laration has a problem for you. His buddy Snowball has an Uncle stuck in that eerie house next door to him. Do you have any input on that? Smokey asked.


“Yea, in fact I know what’s in there.” Monty said. Were you in there?” Fluffy asked Monty. “No. I was walking back with a small Sunfish in my mouth. I then passed the house. I heard some bangs and commotion in there. So I put down my fish and climbed on the window cell. I saw two green aliens in there. The man was knocked out on the floor. “If we want control over earth, we need knowledge of it.” The small alien said. “This bug will take control of this earthling and sent all of his data to our planet.” The other alien said. He then took a little chip on a stick. He then shoved it deep up his nose. He got up and the aliens took a car and headed west.” Monty told the cats.


“Well I promised Snowball I’d save his Uncle and I intend to keep my promise. I don’t know if you are going to help me but I’m going in.” Laration said. “I’m going. Friends help each other out. And that’s going to happen, no matter what.” Smokey said. “Well I guess I’m in.” Monty said. “Oh, alright. But there better be food involved.” Fluffy said. “Good. Let’s go then. Time is wasting.” Laration said.

Then Laration approached the fence.”Wait! If you touch that fence, you’ll have 700 volts of electricity hit you. We need to get around somehow.” Monty said. “Hey, I have an idea. Do you have access to the basement of your house?” Smokey asked Laration. “Of course I do.” Laration replied. “Then we may be able to use Boaboa’s burrowed holes. Our only risk is Boaboa himself.” Smokey said.


“Are you kidding? We are dealing with a 14 foot long boa constrictor. Are you out of your mind? Fluffy asked. “Do we have a choice?” Monty asked. “Okay then. Let’s go.” Laration said. And so the four cats got into the Watson’s house. They then opened the cellar door.


“Okay. Here’s the hole, just follow me.” Laration said. Then they all went into the hole. They took a left, a right, then another left. Then Laration popped her head out. “Okay now. This is it. Then they looked around. Monty went to open the front door. “Darn! The door is locked. Now how do we get in?” He asked.


Smokey looked around the yard. He saw two trees apart by 5 ½ feet near the house. Then he went to a tree. He jumped from one tree to the other, making zigzags. He then jumped on the roof. He went down the chimney. Then he opened a window. “Come on guys! Let’s go.” He said. The others jumped through the window and into the house.


Then they found themselves in the common room. “Okay, I’ll take the common room. Monty, you got the bedroom. Smokey, you have the bathroom. And Fluffy, you have the kitchen, and don’t you dare go into that refrigerator.” Laration said.


Then the cats split up. Laration walked around the room. He checked behind the sofa. Then a noise from behind him. “Uh, Uncle Larry, is that you?” Laration asked in fear. Then a shiatsu slowly came from behind the television. “Uh Help!” Laration yelled. “Wait! I won’t hurt you. I need your help. My owner has been abducted by aliens and I want him back.” The shiatsu told Laration. “Have you seen a white mouse with black spots on him? That was a good friend of mine.” Laration asked.


Yes I did. But he’s been captured by the owner. Whenever he finds an animal, he beams it up to orbit to get eaten. I’ve been hiding since this incident.” The Shiatsu said. Then Monty and Smokey rushed down. “Is there a problem?” Monty asked. “Actually, no. This dog can help us.” Laration said.

“Hey guys. Could you please save my owner? I miss him.” The Shiatsu asked. “What’s in it for us?” Monty asked. “I am friends with two coy dogs.  If you want I can send them after a dog you hate.” She said. “You have yourself a deal.” Monty said. “Hey! Where’s Fluffy?” Laration asked. Two minutes later…


“Hey Laration. I have some good news and some bad news.” Monty said walking from the kitchen to the common room. “Great. What’s the good news?” Laration asked Monty. “The good news is, I found Fluffy.” Monty said. “Good. Where is she?” Laration asked. “That’s the bad news.” Monty said walking into the kitchen. Laration, the dog, Smokey, followed. There was 8 empty peanut butter jars, 5 empty cans of sardines, 6 empty bags of chips, 4 empty bags of gold fish and one was stuck on her head. “I bet you he can’t find his way out of a paper bag.” Laration told Monty.


Then the owner came in. “Oh, the queen would like this dish. A hot dog and some catfish. “Quick dog, how do you take down this man?” Laration asked. The bug short circuits by electric shock or water.” The shiatsu said. “I’ve got a plan. Monty! I need you to fill the bathtub. We’re going to lure him into the tub.” Laration said.


Then Smokey clawed on his face. “Get off of my face you dirty feline!” The man yelled ass he trashed, pulling Smokey off. He finally got him off. “Laration! Go!” Smokey yelled. Then the man tossed Smokey to the floor. Smokey followed.


“Now you’re done!” The man said grabbing a shotgun. He then chased the cats. The tub was full. The cats then jumped in. Then when he got there he stopped at the tub. “Ha! Did you think I was stupid enough to follow you into that tub of water? Well you’re wrong. Now hold still while I shoot you. Don’t worry. It’ll be quick. He said loading the gun. Then all of a sudden, he fell in the tub. A figure went in on the man’s back. It was Fluffy. Then the dog walked in. “Well you kept your part of the bargain. I’ll see you in the morning.” The dog said to Laration.



Then at 6:00am, Laration was sitting on Crissy’s front step like she owned the joint licking her fur coat. Then Crissy came over. “Well, well. I guess cats are dumber than I thought. Now I will really get you good.” Crissy said. “You may want to be careful on how you talk about felines. Laration said licking her fur coat. “Says who!” Crissy asked. “Says those two rabid coy dogs behind you.” Laration said. Then Crissy turned around to see two angry coy dogs with foam at the mouth.


Crissy ran screaming her head off. “Well I guess Crissy got what she deserved.” Monty said watching the coy dogs chase Crissy. “Yea but this meatloaf tastes really good. The Watson’s make some good food. “Man, this meatloaf tastes really good. The Watson’s make some good food. “ Fluffy said. Yea. The only problem is you’ll have gas for a week.






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