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If your into survival stories, this one will catch your eye. In this story, a boy and his grandfather get lost after their ATVs crash into a swamp, leaving the two lost in the woods. Will they get found? Or will they stay stranded in the deep forest with nothing but; a hand crafted bow and arrows, a hand crafted harpoon, and a pocket knife?

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



Lost in the pond

By Andrew Mosher


Do you know what to do in a survival situation? Would you panic? Would walk back? But in this case, the two can’t find their way home. So their only hope is for the search and rescue to find them. Now for the story.


It all started in my mother’s new RV. “Hey mom! Can you change the radio station to WAAF? My Little brother asked. Don’t worry. Were there. She said parking the RV into the driveway. Then Grampa came to help me out. “Hey there! Let’s get ready to pack and go.” Gramps said.


And so we packed up. “Okay, we have a bow and 20 arrows, handmade harpoon, rope, matches, a compass, and a map. Are we ready?” Grampa asked. “Yep, we’re ready. Let’s go!” I replied. Then we started our ATVs. But before we could take off, Granny handed us each a loaf of homemade bread. “What are these for?” I asked. “To enjoy. You may need them sometime.” Granny said. And with that, we left.


We took the path going east. We went at 45mph for 30 minutes. Then Grampa stopped in his tracks. I pulled next to him. “What happened?” I asked. “Looks I ran out of gasoline.” Gramps said.

So we took a break for some bread. Then Grampa made a suggestion. “Hey, why don’t we go off-road? After all ATVs are made for that reason.” He said. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I replied. “Oh stop being a wuss. Let’s go.” Grampa said. “Oh, alright then.” I said in doubt. And so I followed him. 56 miles ahead, then I crashed into a tree. Gramps insisted we keep going. Then 12 miles later, his ATV crashed into a deep swamp. Although we jumped clear missing half our supplies.


“Now what do we do? We lost our map, our matches, and our gasoline?” I said in anger. “Well I guess we’re lost.” Gramps said in disappointment. “It’s almost dark. We need to find shelter.” I said. “Hey, would this rock do for now?” Grampa asked pointing at a small cave made by a rock. And so we slept in that for the night.


In the morning, I got up at 5:00am to see the area around us. On the northern area, there was straw and trees. He knew he could make a good Teepee. So he brought the needed stuff to make the teepee to the base. He finished the skeleton of the teepee by 8:30am at witch gramps awoke.


“So let me guess. You’re making a teepee.” I asked. “Yes, I’m making a teepee. And so Gramps started to help. We finally finished it at 4:45pm.

“Okay Philly, we need to figure out how to get out of here.” Gramps said. “This should be easy. They are going to send a chopper. So we need to make some kind of flag.” I suggested. “Okay, but for now, we should go to bed.” Grampa said.


In the morning, I woke up to find some raspberries. I went to the southern field and I really hit the jackpot. It was like Los Vegas. The bush was completely red. Not one speck of green was on the bush. I started to gather berries. But as I approached the back, I spotted a baby black bear. At that very moment, I heard a loud roar. I screamed and ran to base.


“What happened?” Grampa asked in panic. “I was chased by a black bear.” I said. “WHAT! Why were you there?” Gramps asked. “Oh, I was collecting raspberries.” I said. “How much did you get?” Grampa asked. “Enough to make 15 pies.” I said.


So we ate jelly toast for lunch. “Hey Philly, I may have a good idea for the flag. If we cut the branches and use them to extend the tree and make it taller, they may find us.” Grampa said. “Good idea. Only what do we put as a flag on the flag pole?” I asked. “I have a feeling we’re run into something.” Grampa said. And so we ate super and went to bed.


In the morning, I took my harpoon to go fishing. I caught a bass and two trout. But on my way back, I ran into three geese. I looked at them and they looked at me. The next thing I knew, I was being chased by them. Then they cornered me at a swamp. They slowly approached me. Then I noticed I was armed with a harpoon. Oh come on! Can’t we settle this over a soda?” They then continued to approach. “No. Okay then.” I said throwing my harpoon at one. It took off its leg. They looked at each other then ran.


Then I got safely to the base. “So, where you at all this time?” Gramps asked. “Oh I went fishing. But on my way home, I ran into three geese. I took one home to eat.” I said. “Well from now on, bring your bow and some arrows next time you leave home.” Gramps suggested.


We ate more jelly toast for lunch. “So when will we start on the flag?” I asked. “Right now sounds good.” Gramps said. “But how do we get the tools?” I asked. “We will need a saw. The side of our quad will work.” Grampa asked. “Yea, but how will we get it?” I asked. I’ll need to dive deep into that swamp and tie the end to the quad and I’ll pull it out.” Grampa instructed.





“Are you nuts? I’m not going down their! God knows what’s in there. Why don’t you go?” I asked. “Because I’m too old. Now go in there. As soon as you get a grip on the quad, give the rope. Do you understand?” Grampa asked.


“Okay, the rope is ready.” Grampa said. “I’m ready.” I said. Then I jumped over the ledge. As I went deeper, it got harder to see. It was infested with seaweed. I then came up for air. “Are you okay?” Grampa asked. “I can’t find it.” I said. “Well go deeper.” Grampa said. I tookanother breath and swam down. I traveled deeper than last time. Only this time, I found it. I latched the rope to the back wheel axel. I then gave the rope a tug and rushed to the surface.

Then I popped up. “Philly, are you okay?” Grampa asked. “Yea, I’m good.” I replied swimming back. “Okay, here’s our saw.” Grampa said as he ripped a piece of the side burn of the quad.


He stared to making the pole while I went in the woods to find some meat. But ten minutes later, I found that same bear that I saw at the berry bush. I started to resist him by backing off. I soon noticed I had my bow. I then got up and tossed a stone at him. He went to pounced me, but missed. Then I got on its back. He started to thrash, but I held on. I took an arrow and stabbed it in the eyes. Then I went for the throat. He collapsed.


When I dragged it home, my Grampa was astonished. “Wow! How the hell did you get that?” He said. “The bear was threatening so I killed it.” I said. “Okay, we can eat the meat and the hide will be the flag.” Gramps said.


And so the two put up the flag. “Okay, now that we got the flag is up, people can find us.” They then slept for the night. When the sun came up I heard some kind of roaring. It could only be one thing. I ran to Gramps hut to wake him up. “GRAMPA! WAKE UP!” I yelled. Then when we got out we saw four quads parked in front of the hut. They gave us a ride home and we were safe and sound.




© Copyright 2018 Drew Mosher. All rights reserved.

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