Mummy of the museum

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Did you ever go to the museum and look at the mummified mummies? I did. I also had to do an essay on them. Also I made this story after that.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



The Mummy Of The School Museum

By Andrew Mosher


I always loved museums. Mostly for the astronomy area. One time we were going to a museum in 3rd grade. I found the Mummies quite interesting though. It was kind of creepy. One time two bullies tried to shove my face in the mummy, but the security caught them. Here’s a story I wrote after school about mummies. This one kind of a thriller. I hope you enjoy.


One time as the class took a field trip to the museum. The teacher then took us to the Ancient Egypt section. I got a chance to see the kings all mummified and all. Then all of a sudden, my group accidentally left me. I ran to a door that was labeled front lobby. When I went in, it was pitch dark. I couldn’t see a thing. Then, as I walked, I saw a light. I approached the light.


It looked like I was in Egypt. I was back in time. The a weird dressed person approached me. “What are you doing away from your throne?” he asked. He escorted me to the throne room. Two hours past. Then another man came. “Its time. We have the tomb ready. Your death is near. Come with us.” He said.


Wow! Hold on! There is some kind of mistake. I’m not your king. I’m from the 22 century.” I said in fear. “Stop fooling around. Come with us. We will give you this drink so it will be painless.” The guy in weird clothes said. I then ran.


I ran as I thought of a solution. Then I was caught. They put me in a tomb. I just lied there, helpless and petrified. I then fell asleep. When I awoke, I was in for a huge surprise. Yes, I’m in the 22 century! Yes, I’m in the museum! No! I’m the mummy!

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