My first ATV crash

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On my first time opperating my green heavy ATV, doing it is just the fun. But in this essay, I tell how my first attempt to drive an ATV, was my first time crashing.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



My first quad crash



It all started when Grandpa Mosher and me was driving me to uncle Jimmy’s house. He packed a blue motorcycle helmet with us. “You’ll see when we get there.” Gramps said driving into a driveway. We got out and a guy with a bandage above his right eye. “Hey there! Glad to see you my brother.” The guy said to Gramps. “This is your nephew Andy.” Gramps told the guy. “My name is Jimmy. And you must be Andy.” He said to me. Then Jimmy took us to this big shed. Inside were three quads. Jimmy then pulled out a bulky, green, powerful quad. “Do you want a ride?” Jimmy asked me. “Who’s driving me?” I asked. “You are driving it.” Gramps said. Then Gramps got on with me on the back. He showed me how to operate it. Then he left me alone. We went in the woods and explored some ways. Then a few 4 to 5 hours I was driving in the dark and my gas was low. I then rushed to the barn for more. I then put it in second gear and put some throttle in it. But the gravel through off-course and into the bushes. I couldn’t help but go deeper into the bushes. Then I saw a huge rock. I went for the brakes, but instead I hit the throttle. I drove dead at it. All that was on my mind was death. I hit the rock at full speed. It through me forward but I didn’t fall off. Two other kids drove by to see if I was okay. “Who’s ready for round two?” I yelled. Then Gramps saw me. He wasn’t much happy. He was too worried. When we got home, granny was giving Gramps lip. When I heard her say, “He is not capable of driving anything.” I stepped in and corrected her in a mean tone. That’s what happened.

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