Rodot wars

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This story takes place in the year 3010. It is all over a long, bitter war that lasted three years. It was a 19 year old general Eliot who fought the robot army ran by Lord Weil. Even though the war is over, there is still alot of chaos going on.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



Ampil:  This android can fly, swim, and has a long saber on his right hand. He is very swift but shoots nothing. His elite move is Twister Strikes or Whirlpool Strikes. If on land Twister Strikes makes a tornado with him inside the center, controlling where it goes. If he’s in the water, it’s called Whirlpool Strikes which allows him to create a whirlpool with him in it.

Sumak: This is Mother Nature's great niece. all her powers have something to do with plants. Her Elite power is root fury. It allows her to strangle her foe by wrapping them in huge roots.

Arko: This heavy android has two magnets for hands. They weigh four tons each and has no trouble lifting them. He uses them to shoot surges or light up the area. His elite power is Short Circuit Surge. It allows him to drain his enemy’s life dry and gives the life to him

Phara: This is the first female warrior. Phara was born in 50bc. She came to the crew by time travel. Her powers are controlled by her blood pressure. The more powers she uses, the higher her blood pressure goes. Her elite power is floor frenzy. It makes a shield come from the gravel she stands on depending on the type of land she is standing on.

Demon fang: This is the first immortal warrior. Demon fang can transform into three forms. He can transform into Pigmut, which is a blind, bald warthog with poisonous, lethal tusks. Pigmut has a sixth sense to pick up the odor of anything that uses any type of fuel, or any type of explosive. He can also turn into fishfrier, which is basically part wallaby, platypus, raptor, and parasivalivice. He also transform into Zondo, which moves slow and can grow back any part of his body (including his head). His Elite Power is Hands Of The Deceased. It makes hands of the dead come out of the ground to grab his enemies.

Sigma Sage: This is a fully trained assassin. He is covered in armor with spikes on the armor. He is armed with a sword. He is very swift. His elite power is double vision. It makes a copy of him that isn’t real.

Kevon: This is Kevin’s evil brother. He is the real form of Kevin. Kevin is just a clone. His elite power is Melee Frenzy. It allows him to punch so fast you can’t see his fists moving.

Dean: One of the operators. He makes the coordinates and makes the destinations for the warriors.

Dodde:  This operator runs the PDA and does the transferring. He also analyzes the given information.

Sethe: This guy has the hardest job yet. His job is to analyze all software and objects that are found

Eliot: This is a teenage general. She runs the whole building and makes the calls.

The Mirror World

It all started in the base. Demon Fang was playing darts, Phara was doing her Arabic Cube, Arko was polishing his magnets, and Ampil was polishing his saber. Then the intercom went off.

“Attention all warriors! There is a meeting in conference room E4. All warriors must attend.” Then all the warriors got ready. “Bulls eye!” Demon Fang yelled in excitement. “Oh darn. I almost had it.” Phara said putting down her arubic cube. “All shiny.” Ampil said putting down his rag. “Good. All done.” Arko said. They all rushed to the conference room.

At that, they ran to the conference room. "Okay now, there are reports saying people are disappearing out of nowhere. We think that there is an unexplainable reason on it. But we did find this weird key."

Professor k85 said. "Where is it now?" Arko asked. "Sethe has it at the moment. He cant figure it out quite yet." Professor k85 said. "So that's our next stop, right?" Arko asked. "Yes it is." Professor k85 said. And with that, the heroes went to see Sethe.

"Hey Sethe! What's up?" Demon Fang asked Sethe. "Not much. I found this key and it seems to be weird. I imagine it goes to some door, but I don't know what." Sethe said. "Maybe we can find out." Phara said. "Well that's not a bad idea. Maybe you guys would have better luck finding the door it unlocks." Sethe said. "We'll try it." Ampil said taking the key. And with that said, they all headed to the transformation room.

"Hey Dodde! What's going on?" Demon Fang asked. "Not much." He replied. "Did you find out where that weird activity that professor k85 said was happening?" Sumak asked. "As a matter of fact, I did. It is in the Grand Canyon." Dodde said. "Can You get us there?" Ampil asked. "Absolutely! Just let me put in the coordinates and... There! Done!" 3... 2...1... TRANSFER!" He said as they were transferred.

When they got there, they weren't sure where to go. So they walked some. Then Arko felt something. "Is it me, or do I feel a sense of dread." Arko asked.

Then the key slipped out of Arko's pocket and hovered up. Then a portal showed up. "Wow! This must be it." Demon Fang said. "Yea, I agree." Phara said. And with that they all went into the portal.


When they walked through, it was like the same thing as the regular world, only things looked a little different.

"Wow. This is creepy." Phara said. "Hey! this looks familiar. It's my home." Demon Fang said. "Really?" Ampil asked. "It sure is. But I broke the barrier to getting back. I must've missed the key. That key was the dominion portal to my world." Demon Fang explained.


Then a figure flew down. It then landed. "Hey! What's up, Breag?" Demon Fang asked the figure. "Not much. So why did you come back to Omearos?" Breag asked. "My boss told me that something is happening here that is effecting Earth." Demon Fang said.

Well, you're absolutely right. Lord Zango has gone berserk and found out about earth and now he wants to destroy it. However, I didn't agree with that and I betrayed the whole kingdom. So are you willing to help defeat him?" Breag asked.

"Yes. But first, these people came to help. They are all from earth. Their names are; Arko, Ampil, Phara, and Sumak." Demon Fang said. "So this world is called Omearos, huh." Arko asked. "Yes it most certainly is." Breag said.

So what's our first step in defeating Lord Zango?" Ampil asked. "Our first step is to revive the key's power. We will need to find the Ruby shards to restore it's strength. One is in the deep abyss, another is in a haunted grave, and the last one is in the tarantula's den. After we get them all, we can take on Lord Zango." Breag said.

"Is there a good order to do this?" Demon Fang asked. "Um, as a matter of fact, there is. The key to the grave is in the tarantula's den and we cant go in the deep abyss without a shield or we will burn up. So our first stop is the tarantula's den." Breag replied.

And with that they got to a field. It was guarded with monsters. "Now how do we get across?" Ampil asked. "I think I have an idea." Breag said. He then grabbed the whistle around his neck and blew it. Then this huge creature came flying towards them.

"Guys, meet Dornothia. He is a Bladabosh." Breag said. "How will he help us?" Ampil asked. "He will hitch us a ride to the tarantula's den." Breag said. "Cool! Arko said. And with that, they got on Dornothia's back and flew across the field.

They then landed at the graveyard entrance. The heroes jumped off as Dornothia flew away. They then entered.

"Wow! Look at this place." Phara said. Then Breag walked up to a huge gravestone. "Hey guys, I think I found it!" Breag yelled. They then all followed Breag. Then Breag blew his whistle. the gravestone then moved aside. "I want one of those!" Demon Fang said. Then they all went in.


They looked around. Then Phara spotted something. "Is that it?" She asked. "That's it. That's a ruby shard." Breag said grabbing it from the stone. But as soon as he did so, a bunch of zombies came out. "Now how do we get out?"

Ampil asked. "The only way to kill a zombie is to become one. Let me handle this." Demon Fang said. He then transformed into Zondo and caused a black hole in the center of the room. It sucked them all in. Then he went back and some snorkels fell in front of them "Good job, Demon Fang." Sumak said.

"Good. Now that we have the snorkels, we can go into the Deep Abyss. That's not far. The entrance is deep in the Mississippi River." Breag said. And so they went onward. Finally they found it.

"Okay, somewhere in this river is a cave. That will take us to the Deep Abyss. Down there, the water dwellers can help us find the next ruby shard and the magic key will get us to the tarantula's den." Breag said. "Very well then. Lets find the cave.

Then Arko went in. He started moving rocks. Soon he found the cave. "Okay guys! I found it, but I am too big to get in. You'll have to go in without me." Arko said. "Okay then. we'll see you around. Call us if there is anything wrong." Breag said. And with that said, the others went in.

"Wow! Look at all the cob webs." Phara said. "These aren't cob webs. These are made by a Black Widow spider. "Are those poisonous?" Phara asked. "They are very poisonous, indeed." Sumak told Phara. Phara gulped.

Then all of a sudden, the water level started to rise. The others put on the snorkels to protect them. Then a 56 foot long water snake came out of the ground. Then Phara turned her stick into a harpoon gun. Sumak wasn't much help. Demon Fang turned into Fishfrier and started to distract the snake.

Then Ampil started to twirl. he went faster and faster until he reached the speed in which his Elite power was summoned. It sucked him in and the whirlpool knocked him out cold. Then he spat out the magic key to the tarantula's den.

Then they exited the cave. "How was it?" Arko asked. "It was easy. I mean a simple whirlpool strike did it." Ampil said. "Okay. Our last stop is the tarantula's den. After that, we can put together the ruby shards and then open the portal to face Lord Zango." Breag said. And with that, they left to the tarantula's den.

When they got there, the entrance to the den was covered in super-strong webs. Then the key hovered up and turned to a fireball, burning away the webs. "Let's go." Arko said.

They walked for a short time until Sumak complained. "It's too dark in here." She said. "I can fix that." Phara said. She then turned her stick into a lantern. "Good. Let's go now." Breag said.

When they got there. they saw nothing. "Now where's that bug?" Phara asked. Then all of sudden, a tarantula that was at least 16 feet tall, came from the roof. "Alright! Let the squashing begin!" Demon Fang yelled. Then the fight was on.

At first Sumak tried to cuff its feet to the ground using vines. Then Arko put his left magnet to the floor and did a ground shock. But that did very little damage. Then Phara turned her stick into a huge sword.


She then sliced off the legs. Then she sliced the body in half. It died. "Good work, Phara. Sumak said. Then the last ruby shard fell down. Breag picked it up. "Good! Now we can take on Lord Zango." Breag said.

Then the three ruby shards flew up in the air and fused themselves together. Then they turned to glitter which made a portal. "At last, we can put an end to Lord Zango and have a new and better king." Breag said as the portal stood. Then they all went in the portal.

When they got there, they were at the front gate of Lord Zango's castle. "Here it is. It ends right where it begins." Breag said. They then walked in. They walked a bit.

Then  they soon reached Lord Zango's thrown room. they entered it. When they got out past the door, it closed.

Lord Zango then got out of his thrown. "Welcome to my kingdom." He said in a nasty tone. "Lord Zango! Stop doing this! Humans have the same rights to live as we do!" Breag said. "You may think that, but humans were mistakes made by God. They do not deserve to live." Lord Zango said. Well if that's what makes you a good king, then I will do everything I can to defy you." Breag said.


"Hm. Then defy me if you must. Yes, me and your pathetic human friends." Lord Zango said as the four brain-like statues came to life. One was blue. One was yellow. One was red. and the other purple.

They then fused together as a huge brain-like figure. It hovered up and shot fire out of one side, electricity out of another, ice out of another, and poisonous gas out of the last side. It started to rotate and orbit as it followed the heroes.

"How do we kill this beast?" Sumak asked. "I think I have an idea." Demon Fang said. "Let's hear it." Arko said. If we can stop all the areas that shoot a substance, then we can easily destroy it." Demon Fang suggested. "Let's do it then." Phara said.

Phara then transformed her stick into an ice cannon. She then froze the fire cannon side. "The fire's off." She yelled.

Arko then charged up his magnets for his short circuit surge. When it hit the electric canon, the entire gun short circuited. "Everything's good on the electricity side.

Demon Fang then turned into Pigmut. He backed up a bit. He then scraped the ground and charged at the side where the poison shot out at. he then jumped up and dug his tusks into the poison fan, disabling it completely. "You can kiss that unit goodbye now. Its all set here." Demon Fang said after turning back to human.

Then Ampil was at the ice canon and tried approaching it, but as he got closer, his motherboard started to freeze. so he backed off. He had to make a quick approach to the cannon that would destroy the ice cannon, but wouldn't have enough time to freeze his circuits completely.

He then turned on his saber and spun. He soon reached the speed to do twister strike. He then reached the gun and slashed it 18 times in less than 4 seconds. Then the ice cannon slowly lost its power.

"Alright then. I'll end this for you." Sumak said. She then Raised her hands in the air and tons of vines took the brain to the ground and squeezed it tightly.

"No! This cant happen!" Lord Zango screamed. "Well it just did." Breag said. Then Breag created a huge, purple ball and shot Lord Zango. He then decayed and died.

"Well thanks there pal." Phara asked. "Yea. We could use a warrior like you. "Would you like to join us?" Ampil asked. "I'd love to, but this place needs a better king. And that's my duty." Breag said. "Well I think you'll make a great king." Sumak said. "Thanks. Just remember, the world is like a sheet of paper. One side cannot exist without the other." Breag said.

Then the portal appeared. "Well, it was nice knowing you. I wish we could keep in touch." Demon Fang said. Well deep in ourselves, we can communicate." Breag said. "What's that supposed to mean?" Ampil asked. "Only time can tell." Breag said. "Well, we must be going now. Take care!" Ampil said the heroes went into the portal.

When they got back, they found themselves in Hawaii. "Dodde! Do you hear me?" Arko asked over the PDA. "Man! you were gone long. We thought you guys died. Where are you?" Dodde said in surprise. "We're in Hawaii. Get us home." Arko said. And with that, they got home. When they got there, Eliot was furious.

"Where were you guys? We had the foreign search party out for 11 weeks looking for you." Eliot said, scolding them out.

"Hey guys! There's something weird on the LM system." It says the address is from the other world." Dean said. "Open it." Demon Fang said. "Hey! I'm in charge and I make the calls here." Eliot said. "Just open it." Demon Fang said. "Okay then." Dean said opening the message.

"This is weird." Dean said looking at it on the screen. "Print it. I want to see for myself." Demon Fang said. Then Dean printed it.

Dear Friends

Hi! Now that we defeated Lord Zango, the kingdom is more civilized now. I owe it to you all once more. My disciples are proud of what you have helped me do. Thank you once again.



"What is it?" Eliot said. "Guys! Breag wrote to us!" Demon Fang said. "Who... Who's Breag?" Eliot demanded. "Wow! So that's what he meant by deep in ourselves, we can communicate." Demon fang said.

"Tell me now! Who is Breag?" Eliot asked. He is a friend of the dark world. it's a long story, but together, we saved the human race once again." Arko told Eliot. "And I thought Sigma was the bad guy." Eliot muttered.

"Well now that things are back to normal, we can go onward with our lives." Ampil said. "Well guys, mission accomplished." Eliot said.




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